Drew Madden: Who Will Win CVS Or Amazon?

When it comes to a clash of the titans in business, it is hard to top the battle that is taking place between CVS and Amazon right now. This is the fight that people are tuning into because it could have such an impact on the way in which healthcare is delivered to each and every one of us.

Most of us have interacted with both CVS and Amazon at some point in our lives. Thus, to hear that both companies are trying to fight it out to win over our healthcare dollars is a big deal right now. They are using technology to try to better serve us, and people like Drew Madden are taking note.

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT expert who has focused on this area of the economy for his entire life. He has made it his passion to keep an eye on how healthcare technology has changed and taken form over time. He is definitely paying attention to the current fight between CVS and Amazon and how it is shaping the future of healthcare.

Amazon applied for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products across states lines over the Internet. This drew the attention of CVS and other traditional players in the industry as they scrambled to figure out what their next move. CVS has taken some measures to try to protect itself and grow out its business at the same time. The main thing that they have done is made sure that they can offer some of the same perks as Amazon.

CVS has announced that it will guarantee next-day delivery on many of the products that it offers online. In addition to that, the company is preparing to open up a number of additional MinuteClinic locations for the ease of their customers to find exactly what they need when they need it.

Amazon is going to do what they do best and offer the ease of ordering pharmaceutical products online (assuming they get regulatory approval). This will lead to a major battle between the two companies as they try to fight one another for as much of the marketshare of the healthcare space as they possibly can.

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