PodcastOne Leading In Marketing and Sales

You should be aware of the importance of advertising and create product awareness to your target market if you are running a business. Different advertising agencies have been used to create awareness. PodcastOne is a leading digital platform for spoken words and audio plays.

It is the largest provider of news, sports, entertainment, talk, and traffic. It gives an advertising platform. Norman Pattiz is the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne. He has been greatly involved in the entertainment industry.

He has led Westwood one to become the largest in the broadcasting industry. This is a radio network and provider of news, sports, entertainment, talk, and traffic programming. He created PodcastOne and podcastOne sales in 2016. It is one of the leading in national podcast marketing and sales today.

According to Bloomberg, PodcastOne has a popular lineup of prominent media personalities today. Mr. Norman Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton and also reappointed by President Bush to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the United States. Mr. Pattiz has an exemplary performance and extensive experience in the broadcasting industry.

PodcastOne has run advertising campaigns under the leadership of Norman Pattiz. The key findings to of pre and post campaigns brand awareness show a positive impact. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://regents.universityofcalifornia.edu/about/members-and-advisors/bios/norman-pattiz.html

Research conducted to determine the effectiveness of podcasts advertising on national consumer brands across five different products and services category showed that there was a positive significance impact of podcasts advertising on brand recall and intent to purchase.

PodcastOne ran a research on consumer products and services such as grocery brand, financial product, lawn and garden product, and casual dining restaurant. Results revealed that there was a 53% difference on those who recognized a particular grocery brand before and after the campaigns.

There was a significant increase of 47% in financial product awareness and 24% of a lawn and garden product. Another finding also showed an increase of 76% on casual dining restaurant product and brand awareness.

Tom Webster leads Edison Research. He is the vice president of strategy. He is a leading researcher in the podcasting space. Tom partnered with podcastOne and conducted research on behalf of PodcastOne to examine the effectiveness of Podcast advertising for five national brands. They run a 4-6 weeks campaign through online surveys.

The responses from the respondents showed that podcast audiences brand awareness increased. The desire to consider buying the products also rose.

Advertising will continue to be considered as a good method to raise brand awareness and reach a greater consumer audience by different product and service brands. PodcastOne will continue to be among the top providers of advertising campaigns.