At Rocketship Education, knowing a student’s growth rate is vital.

About Rocketship education

Since its foundation in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner, Rocketship has been in existence as a nonprofit charter schools network that mainly aims at the students from low-income families. Having its headquarters in California, the organization opened its first school in San Jose, a year after its inception.

In its central school, the students performed very well and earned it recognition and praise. As a result, Rocketship Education expanded. In five years, the organization opened six other charter schools.

The ‘hybrid’ model of learning is used at Rocketship, through individualized online learning, classroom teaching, and group tutoring. Rocketship has partnered with Team America, an organization that places graduates in teaching jobs.

Achievement gap statistics

Most students who are born to economically weak families start school later and never catch up. In Nashville, for example, most students are from such families, and for every subject, an achievement gap is noted. Keeping an eye on a student’s academic growth is thus very essential. A lowly performing student has higher chances of dropping out and lower chances of joining college.

A significant increment in the grades for every academic year could result in the student catching up. However, it’s rather hard to grow more than a grade level. At Rocketship education schools, this is possible. In 2017, 146 of the students at Rocketship United Academy started the year behind but finished above the grade level.

Academic progress

Attaining the achievement gap enclosure requires a regular measure of a student’s performance. In Tennessee, most schools have learned the improvement rates of their students, but for elementary schools in Davidson, this is yet to be done for they depend on the student’s proficiency scores.

While these are important, they only tell where a student lies at a particular academic year but do not state how much a student has learned.

The measure of academic progress (MAP)

MAP assessment is currently being put to use in over 74,000 schools. Rocketship Education has also been using it since it gives accurate results on individual growth rate.

James Robinson, the founding principal of Rocketship United Academy, urges parents to use the MAP to be able to learn about their children’s growth. He recommends further that knowing where a student is headed helps in being a better advocate in their studies.