Mobilize votes with NGP VAN

The politics of today are very much different from those of the 1950s. Politics are no longer “labor intensive” but technology intensive.” The role of technology in accessing the grassroots is a reality in modern politics. In politics, one wants to connect with every single voter in the area, and it is hardly possible for one to pull such a thing through a usual labor-intensive method.

Big data companies are being used to connect the campaigns to voters at the grassroots level. This type of approach to politics is employed by the Democrats when identifying their voter base. Technology is being used to identify the voters and influencing them to come out in big numbers on the Election Day. Big data, social media and the real power of technology in politics were evident in the election of 2008 and 2012 where Barrack Obama won. NGP VAN spearheaded the technology-based campaigns for the Democrats.

NGP VAN is an organization which assists Democrats running for office to use technology in reaching out to the voters. The organization is based in Washington DC. NGP VAN is a database and web-hosting company that works with multiple political parties in different countries. NGP VAN gives Democrats a chance to use data-powered technology to reach out to the electorate.


Working with NGP VAN Company ensures that you are always on the right side of technology. With technology evolving rapidly, strategies also keep on evolving rapidly. So, you will want to work with an organization that will assure you that the best technology will be used. Political parties and politicians must keep themselves updated on the latest effective technology that will assist them to win elections. This organization normally applies various web-based and smartphone-based technologies to reach the target audience. No politician should lose an election because they are applying outdated technology. NGP VAN is the company that politician should approach for technology-based campaigns.


Politics are no longer in the age of TV and radio stations, the real power on gathering voters’ data is in technology. With almost everyone owning a smartphone, reaching out individually to the people is essential.