Betsy DeVos Calls For Congressional Hearing On Parkland Shooting

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education and some Democratic congressmen are calling for a congressional hearing on the recent school shooting which resulted in 17 deaths and injuries to multiple persons. An expelled student from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School allegedly fired his gun and massacred unsuspecting students and faculty. The school is located in Parkland, Florida and the shooting is considered by many as the deadliest in the history of the nation. It seems that this type of gun violence is already becoming a routine in the country.



This recent massacre in Florida incited calls for additional firearms restrictions just like the school shootings that happened in the recent past. But this present shooting incident also provoked calls for an expansion of services for mental health. Apparently, the shooter has previously demonstrated the characteristics of a mentally deranged person. But although calls for more gun regulations were issued in the past, none of them has forced congress to pass a bill that will that will address the mental health problem.



In a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, DeVos, the wife of Dick Devos, a prominent businessman and FAA board member, did not give any policy proposal. However she said that the latest shooting incident should induce stronger discussions with regards to solving and pursuing issues in mental health. DeVos also told the radio host that Congress has to hold hearings on these problems. She also said that every time an incident such as this happens, many discussions take place. However, she said that the discussions need to be focused in such a way that lawmakers can really impact the future.



It seems DeVos was able to attract a willing ear in Sen. Patty Murray, the Democratic Senator of Washington. The leading member of Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, said that she agrees with DeVos wholeheartedly and suggests that a hearing on the matter of mental health issues be scheduled by her Republican counterparts. Murray said that families in the country are growing tired of lawmakers not stepping up, nor having strong conversations and adopting common sense policies for gun safety to stop this malady in the nation’s communities and schools. She said she is happy that DeVos is requesting for hearings in Congress to tackle this issue.



A leading member of Congress particularly the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, Bobby Scott, Democrat, Virginia, together with Suzanne Bonamici, Democrat, Oregon, in a letter, has issued calls for the committee chairman to schedule a day for the hearing of these issues. Other Democrats of the House supported the proposal for the hearing.



In their letter, the committee said that the Parkland high school shooting incident is a preventable tragedy. But it still resulted in 17 deaths of faculty and students. The letter also mentioned the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that happened five years ago. There were already more than 230 shootings that happened with more than 430 shot according to the letter. Despite all of these, lawmakers have yet to have a congressional hearing that will address these issues since February 2013, the letter also indicated.


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Betsy DeVos: Bettering Education, One Step At A Time

Betsy DeVos is the current Education Minister of the United States of America, and someone who has been appearing in a large number of journals and periodicals nationwide. Her appointment to the position of Education Minister was one of the most controversial in the history of American appointments. What set Betsy apart making her the first, was the fact that the vote for her appointment was equally divided, with half the parliament voting in her favor, and half voting against. The tie breaking vote was then cast, which decided the fate of Betsy and the future of the American schooling system.

Since a long time, Betsy has stood for the betterment of the education system in the country. She is a firm advocator of better education for the future generations and believes that through education the country can prosper. She has been involved with numerous movements for different subjects pertaining to academics. Just a few years ago, Betsy was at the forefront, leading the charge for the establishment of the school charter movement. The education that children receive in private schools in extremely high as compared to the ones received from public schools. Therefore, students who show exceptional skills aren’t given the right tools for their growth, resulting in their potential getting capped. The school charter movement, therefore, lobbied for the switch of public schools to private companies, and for the use of taxpayer’s money to give the children of America an access pass to better education which can help their growth. Even though the movement proved to be unfruitful, Betsy DeVos still aims to hopefully one day help public schools develop for the sake of the children coming there. Visit Betsy’s website at

She therefore wanted to make it so that schools would have to undergo rigorous tests only to receive a certain grade at the end of the examination. Using this method of grading, Betsy DeVos believed that they could classify the schools that need to better their standards and separate them from the ones that are already performing well. This grading system is also particularly useful to parents as sometimes they don’t know which schools are good and which aren’t. By looking at the grade that the school received, parents can make a better judgement while putting their children in school. The right school can significantly boost a child’s learning capabilities and facilitate their growth and development, and Betsy DeVos aims to someday make it, so every child in America has the opportunity for quality education.

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With her husband Dick DeVos, Betsy has helped numerous people all over America better their lives. Most of her philanthropic efforts are conducted through the DeVos Family Foundation., a charitable trust to help people and organizations in need.  Visit their foundation at