Alex Pall and the Chainsmokers Continue to Evolve

The Chainsmokers became a hot commodity back in 2014, with the release of their discovery single “#Selfie”. Relatively unknown up to that point “#Selfie” put the Smokers on the map, they have remained mainstream ever since. Currently their resume is filled with chart toppers, hit singles, and collaborations with the industries biggest stars. Their catalogue is also a story in of itself, a tale of two artists trying to find a voice. Despite their avid following, the truth is the Chainsmokers have only been around for four years. It has been a great four years, but sooner or later the shine wears off. This is why Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have worked to evolve with every song they have released, and why their music continues to push boundaries. The DJ duo just released a new single to welcome in 2018, “Sick Boy”, and it is doing well. The song deviates from their older sound, and contains a much darker message than is usual in EDM. It represents their newest evolution though, and a continuation of their search for identity. But it is not a struggle, just hard work. The two discussed this in an interview they gave following the release of their 2016 hit “Closer”.


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“We meet every day, work on music, and create our identity as artists,” Pall stated, “We have the same core values but we always push ourselves to become better artists”. The DJ duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart formed in 2012, in the four years since their first hit life has moved very quickly. Not being ones for convention the group has already pushed the limits of their chosen genre. “Closer” featured Andrew Taggart on lead vocal, something most EDM DJ’s never do. “Nobody does it,” Pall said, “So we were like why not”. Most DJ’s are content to mix soundscapes behind the booth, let other artists handle the storytelling and the human element. The Chainsmokers involve themselves in such things, becoming the human element of their songs to better connect with their audience, and remain relevant, interesting, and engaged.