Boraie Has Succeeded in Building New Brunswick

Omar Boraie and his real estate company are the major reason why New Brunswick, New Jersey is still a functioning city today.


Omar Boraie dreamed of remaking New Brunswick in the same style as the European cities he saw during his time traveling that continent. When he arrived back in America, he shared this vision with his friends, but they scoffed at his ideals. Unfortunately, they were not visionaries like him. They could not look into the future and see what could be. After 40 years of hard work and labor, Omar Boraie finally proved them all wrong and rebuilt the city.


According to, Omar Boraie has invested $150 million of his own money into the city. This was not to make profit for himself but was used to better the residential areas that he called home. Over the 40 years, he has built both commercial and residential buildings to bring back the middle class. reports that Omar Boraie does what he can to keep his philanthropy silent, but many people know it is his good will has made the city functioning today.


Boraie Development LLC helped New Brunswick grow by planning out a four-step process. Together with Omar Boraie, their first step was to make New Brunswick attractive for families. The second step was to bring businesses back to the area. The third step was to reward current businesses for renaming. Their last step was to bring middle-class professionals back to the city. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Omar Boraie made New Brunswick more family oriented in many ways, but one way, in particular, stands out. According to an article published on New Jersey Stage, Omar Boraie provided the community with seven free Disney movies throughout the summer. He bankrolled the entire thing and offered popcorn to every family free of charge. Over 7500 families attended these events.


Omar Boraie began enticing businesses back to the area by building office space modeled after New York City. This office space was provided at competitive prices when compared to neighboring cities. Check out press of atlantic city to see more.



Omar Boraie then began his next step of keeping jobs in the area by approaching the Johnson & Johnson Corporation. They were the largest factory in town, and they could not afford to lose tens of thousands of jobs. Once Johnson and Johnson stayed, other businesses began coming


Lastly, Omar Boraie built a 370,000 ft.² condo style home for the middle class professionals.



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The American Institute of Architects Chooses the Technology Way

Technology has changed every industry in the recent years and improved the efficiency in total with better connectivity, bringing new products or solutions, improved customer experience, and more. When it comes to architecture industry, it is no different, and the advancement of technology has helped the industry to come up with cutting-edge solutions that can impress the customers with quality, efficiency, and economical value. The American Institute of Architects, the collaboration of American architects, also chosen the technology way to improve the solution offering standards and reach out to its mass audience across the globe. It started sponsoring hackathon as it feels that the concept accurately fits the needs of the architects in the country.

The current Chief Executive Officer of the association of architects, Robert Ivy, confirmed that the design community and the architects were extremely happy with the contests of the hackathon and the outcome of comparative discrimination as it is part of the architects’ profession to compete. He observed that hackathons get increased attention and found to be continuously growing and bringing more to the tech community to work on the solution. Robert Ivy also said that the AIA has an opinion of hackathons as a tool to engage designers, engineers, and architects to create measurable and meaningful ideas economically. He also added that the conceptualization of hackathon had garnered excellent appreciation from designers and architects around the world.

Another excellent technology option is apps, and there are successful apps that count the calorie consumption of a person. Robert Ivy thinks that the people can incorporate the apps model of these healthcare apps or other popular apps. He adds that the use of technology would help the public to connect with architecture. While the general public is less interested in conversing with architects, Ivy thinks that apps would improve the interaction between both sides, and that would reflect in the service delivery and the extent of diverse ideas. He observes that the technology innovation has helped the architects to collaborate things that are out of its ecosystem, which is a new phenomenon. Ivy opined that the concept of architecture as a distinctive field is fading in the recent years. See more at HUFFPOST about Robert Ivy

Currently, the team management skill is one of the most needed skills for the architecture profession. Robert Ivy says that successful architects should be managing huge teams that include experts from every discipline. Interestingly, it is a time of architecture that needs proof for the impacts with the buildings. Earlier majority of the architecture studies were focused on the lighting factor. Ivy says that the industry needs more critical and sustained efforts over a period that produces excellent results. He thinks that this would help the architects to renovate the areas where the well-being or productivity is less provided.

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Nick Vertucci Creates Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Before founding the academy, his first business venture consisted of selling computer parts. It was a great experience for him. He enjoyed being the boss. He felt a sense of freedom until the hit of the dot com crash. Unfortunately, he lost all of his money at an alarming rate. He just about lost everything but his home. He soon found himself buried in loads of debt with little to no options of an escape. His friend, who was involved in real estate, invited him to attend a 3 day real estate training seminar as his guest. Reluctantly, Nick Vertucci agreed to go. During the first day of the seminar, he realized that it was something he was interested in. It turned out to be the best decision he could have made. It was just what he needed to solve all of his financial problems.

Nick Vertucci centered his focus on the real estate industry. It wasn’t a short and easy process. He spent over a decade training, studying and collecting the right information he needed to become a success. He generated a simple system that produced a mass wealth for him in real estate on He told himself that once he became a millionaire, he would help others to become debt free and make a lot of money. Additionally, to provide a legacy for their families.

About The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy
The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was founded in 2013. There are numerous locations nationwide to provide the education and resources needed to become successful in the real estate market at They provide solutions to obstacles that may arise from pursuing a career in real estate investing. Vertucci and his team of industry leaders, incorporates hands-on teaching that’s sure to produce groundbreaking results on They are dedicated in helping people achieve the highest success imaginable.

Dr. Cameron Clarke – A Knowledgeable Scientist And A Reputed Businessman of Canada

Cameron Clokie is a scientist, businessman, and a reputed maxillofacial surgeon.Dr. Clokie is the Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc. It is regenerative medicine firm that concentrates on some of the creative alternatives for musculoskeletal rebuilding.

Clokie has been in academic dentistry and also clinical practice for more three decades. He has been named as the head of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. In the year 2017, he assumed the title of a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Toronto University. He got positions on the scientific advisory boards of many firms.

He is reputed to have published several papers and created many presentations, nationally and internationally on regenerative medicine. He was instrumental in creating many key alliances partnerships with the various businesses and give his skills and knowledge to the tenable establishments.

Clokie practices the complete range of specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. He got his DDS that is Doctor of Dental Surgery in the year 1985. He successfully finished his training in the year 1990. Dr. Clokie has made himself a great pioneer in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery arena.

Clokie uses highly creative techniques to the management of surgery of the jaws. He is a teacher and a clinician. He has given lectures on many topics associated with oral healthcare.

He has the knowledge of the regeneration of the bone method that can alter reconstructive surgery. Mr. Cameron Clokie has devised a way to do the resetting of the skeletal clock.

The various procedures done at Toronto General Hospital are a great achievement for the ones who have done extensive research on regeneration of tissues. The means of reconstructing the body parts depends on the agonizing procedure taking of fat, bone, and muscle from one part to place the gaps in another. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

It was Dr. Clokie who exhibited the cases of U of T conference this week on the regenerative medicine. Dr. Clokie used a U.S biotech company that makes BMP in the Chinese hamster’s cells. He has done the procedure by making use of that source. It has been tested by the South African oral surgeons.