Shervin Pishevar’s Tweets Have People Listening

There are always tweets going around with nuggets of advice. Shervin Pishevar, a tech investor, decided to make his voice heard on Twitter in February. Months later, people are still finding his advice and overall outlook intriguing.


The Tweet Storm

What is now being referred to as a tweet storm included 50 tweets sent in the span of a day by Shervin Pishevar. Of course, he decided to break them out, sending only a few an hour. He even paused his thoughts for dinner. To make it easier for his tens of thousands of followers, he did number the tweets.


In the tweets, he covered his thoughts on the economy, monopolies that have too much power, the lag that the United States has in terms of the speed of production, and more.


Why are people listening?

There are a number of reasons why people have chosen to listen to Shervin Pishevar’s tweets. The first is that his tweet storm was picked up by a number of business blogs. Plenty of bloggers have decided to add to his tweet storm and put their own thoughts on the topics that were covered.


The second is that Shervin Pishevar is a smart businessman. He was an early investor in a number of startups, including Airbnb and Uber. He has a sense for knowing when things will happen, which is why he has been so successful. With over 50,000 followers, it only makes sense that people are listening to what he has to say.


Finally, much of what he has said has truth behind it. He predicted that the market would drop in aggregate by 6,000 points in the coming months. Within a day, the market started to teeter. He has also called out the monopolies with too much power, including Amazon and Facebook, both of which have been in the news recently because of the power they’re wielding.


Reading up on the tweets that Shervin sent can shed some light on the state of affairs in the United States.

The Great Achievements of Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion and though the firm, he has helped many companies acquire more customers. Talk Fusion has fully revolutionized the way people advertise their businesses and through the use of modern technology to carry out their network marketing. Bob founded the firm in 2007 and he heavily relied on video emails to help firms acquire their target audience. Due to the various emerging issues in the market, Bob later adopted a different mode of the firm`s operation, which has been attributed to the tremendous growth of Talk Fusion.

Prior to launching his venture, Bob worked as a policeman before he quit to do business. His firm has grown tremendously since its establishment and helped many firms grow. Bob acquires most of his profits after the targeted firms have accomplished their mission and as a result, he has emerged to be the most sought out CEO due to the satisfaction he provides to his clients.

His passion towards work is one of the major reasons he has succeeded in his business and many people have strived to emulate his steps. Besides, Bob has always been passionate about the use of the modern technology to conduct his business and his ability to keep in track with the modern trends in the market has seen many firms rise to the top. The renowned entrepreneur flaunts over twenty years of experience in the marketing and direct selling industries and through this, he has learned many things regarding the field. His knowledge in the field has highly contributed to the success of Talk Fusion and he has strived to bring more improvements in the operations of the firm since its establishment.

Additionally, Bob is passionate about helping other people achieve success in their ventures and in every order he receives, he has always put his best effort towards accomplishing the mission of the client. He is also innovative and is never afraid to bring new ideas to life. Over the years, he has strived to employ new strategies in Talk Fusion, with an aim of improving its operations. Learn more:


How Mike Baur is Helping Swiss Tech Startups

When Mike Baur quit his job as a banker to form Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, many wondered why he left a generous and reliable compensation, as well as a high-ranking position. Mike had experience and knowledge after 20 years in service on the struggles entrepreneurs go through to start up a firm. Mike reasoned that entrepreneurial ideas have the capacity to bring new innovations that will change the status quo, introduce new services and innovations and in the process create new business models.


He says that the Swiss banking industry is changing especially after the post-recession a fact that makes the industry less appealing. It is for this reason that he chose high-tech entrepreneurship path, helping startups.


With a three-month plan support for startups, SSUF provides operating funds, support, training, coaching, and mentorship to early startups. They enjoy rent-free offices and are linked with SSUF wide range network of investors and entrepreneurs. In 2016, he led SSUF in partnering with Fintech Fusion, CTI and the Goldback Group in raising more funds for SSUF tech startups. He encourages startup entrepreneurs to enter the Pitch Contest held annually at St Gallen University. Here, they can publicly air their business plans and products where they are judged by experts standing a chance to attract investments.


SSUF is an independent incubator without links and association with other businesses or organization. Mike says this has helped them avoid conflict of interest and interference even as the co-founders invest significantly in funding SSUF and its enterprises under it. He said that the word factory in SSUF stands for building new businesses and just like factory people who work hard, young business owners should also work hard to succeed.


To make it as an entrepreneur, Mike Baur advises people with innovative ideas to test them early in the markets. They can develop a prototype and test it while measuring the market. The feedback is the learning part for the entrepreneur from where they can make changes to their plans. Early testing enables entrepreneurs to know what the market wants and what it does not. Mike usually validates results using market feedback and needs as he continues to develop the product.


To be productive involves focusing on the vital and most urgent matters that need to be straightened so as to nurture a daily high-level of productivity. He recommends rising up early to check and respond to all emails, then moving out to work personally with the team involved.


Mike Baur holds an MBA from University of Rochester, New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


Michael Thoreau Lacey

Michael Thoreau Lacey was born on September 26, 1959. In 1987, Lacey earned his Ph.D from the University of Illinois based in the Urbana-Champaign. He was also directed under the tutelage and a student of Walter Philipps.

When it came to his doctorate thesis, he focused on Banach spaces – which is a mathematical analysis of vector space. Banach spaces was named after Polish mathematician Stefan Banach, who studied and introduced the concept between 1920 and 1922.

After getting his doctorate, he worked at Louisiana State University. Then later, he worked at the University of North Carolina, once again pairing with Philipp. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

At UNC, Lacey and Philipp experimented in probability theory, specifically proving central limit theorem. Central limit theorem is about proving probabilities.

From the years of 1989 to 1996, he worked at Indiana State University. While Lacey’s tenure there, he received a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

Lacey began studying bilinear Hilbert transform, a form of signal processing which had been unproved by Argentinean mathematician Alberto Calderon. However, Lacey and Christoph Thiele proved Calderon to be wrong. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

After Lacey and Thiele’s findings, they were awarded the Salem Prize. The prize was created by Raphael Salem’s widow and is awarded yearly to young mathematicians who show outstanding scholarship in Salem’s respective field of Fourier series.

By 2012, Lacey became a member of the American Mathematical Society. The AMS, based out of Providence, Rhode Island in 1888, is humbly dedicated towards mathematical research and scholarship.

They hold national and annual meetings and currently hold the largest studies towards mathematics in the world.

Sheldon Lavin: The Award-Winning, Visionary, CEO Of The OSI Group

Many people today know Sheldon Lavin as the CEO of the global food processing company the OSI Group. But although Lavin has spent almost 50 years involved in the food industry, his background is actually in accounting, banking and finance. After earning a degree in accounting and financial management, Sheldon Lavin had a very successful career in banking. He then went on to found a financial services firm. When the owners of the OSI Group came to him seeking help to purchase new equipment and expand, Lavin helped them and began buying stock in the company.

When the sons of the company ‘s founder retired, Lavin owned a controlling percentage of the company’s stock. He took charge of the OSI Group, built on its reputation for providing quality meats and created a plan to take them global. Under Lavin’s leadership the OSI Group has brought those plans to fruition. The company has benefited greatly from his vision, the systems he has created and the confidence he has in his staff. This has helped the OSI Group to become very successful. In recognition of his accomplishments Sheldon Lavin was given the Global Visionary Award for 2016 by the Vision World Academy of India.

Lavin is a beloved chief executive. He has molded the over 20,000 staff members of the OSI Group into a giant family. Lavin maintains an open door policy and encourages employees on all levels of the company to come to him with their ideas, concerns and questions. Sheldon Lavin also tells the staff to call him by his first name and he regularly has lunch with rank and file employees. More importantly, Lavin has created excellent worker safety policies and programs that provide employees and their loved ones with generous benefits. It shows he really cares about his staff, and lacrosse camp Sheldon Lavin.

Part of the expansion plan Sheldon Lavin crafted was the acquisition of key companies. To gain a stronger foothold in Europe, the OSI Group acquired the British food company Flagship Europe and Baho Foods, a Dutch company. Together they give the company a presence in two dozen European countries, and his Website.

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Roberto Santiago is one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil. He was born on 1958 July in the city of Joao Pessoa. He attended the Pio X Marist College and later graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He started his career as a businessperson at a very young age in manufacturing and designing of cartons which he supplied to a series of different companies. He later moved on to real estate, and he bought a large piece of land in Joao Pessoa which he developed to become the largest mall in the state of Paraiba and one of the largest in the whole of Brazil. The construction only took two years, and in 1989 the Manaira Shopping Mall was launched.

The Manaira shopping mall is one of the largest shopping complexes in Brazil, hosting a theatre, a large gaming area, a rooftop concert hall, banking institutions, food court, a fitness center and The College Higher Education of Paraiba is also located in the mall. The Mall has become a busy place as most residents of Joao Pessoa visit on a daily basis. It has various entertainment options for its customers such as the spacious gaming room, the theater which feature most recent shows and movies and a bowling alley. The food court has undergone renovations and expansion during 2008, 2012 and in 2014 to accommodate people from all walks of life. Restaurants are ranging from fast foods to classy restaurants such as Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, and Espaco Gourmet.

In 2009, there was a launch of the Domus Hall, a rooftop complex space that is large enough to host 4,000 people seated and 10,000 people standing. The rooftop space can be used to host a series of activities such as musical concerts, conferences, graduation ceremonies as well as exhibitions. The Domus Hall is equipped with up-to-date sound equipment that makes it unique to host musical and theatrical productions and events. It also has cabins for private meetings and lounging purposes.

The Manaira Shopping mall has something for everyone, from furniture to clothing, jewelry to sports gear as well as cosmetics and books. The Domus Hall attracts both international and local musicians and music groups and bands to perform there, which may otherwise not have come. The mall has played a significant role in growing the economic and social status of the city by attracting businesses, corporations and establishments to open branches in the area, in turn, creating more jobs for the local community. Robert Santiago has given back to the community through opening the mall as it has helped to boost the culture of the area through giving cultural experience to both locals and international tourists.


Roberto Santiago: The Visionary Behind The Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a prominent name in the Brazilian business industry and is known for partaking in several well-known ventures that have offered a great deal of value to the people living in the area. Santiago has always wanted to work in the field of business and be an entrepreneur since he was younger. To pursue his goals, he decided to attain a degree in business administration and management. Soon after completing his education, Santiago decided that he would start working in a partnership business and worked for a company that was involved in the manufacture of home decor and other kinds of decorative goods. This was his first professional venture and one which taught him a lot about the industry and the kind of business ideas he could implement in the future.



Being a businessman is always about thinking ahead and figuring out what are the right ways to be able to make a profit. He knew that if he wanted to be successful, he would have to start working on his future right away. With that idea in mind, he decided to buy a plot of land in his hometown of Manaira, and keep for the future to develop it into something good. After keeping this land for ten years, he finally decided to use it to build a mall. At that time, the area around this plot did not have many malls or shopping destinations. He wanted to build a place for groups of people to come and have a good time in the city. He wanted to build something that would be fitting for people of all ages, which is why he thought that a mall would be a perfect fit for this.



Once the mall opened its doors for business, it suddenly became a hub for culture and fun in the city of Manaira. The mall became one of the most loved spots in the area for people to have a genuinely good time. Over the years, the mall has undergone numerous changes, only to make it better than it was before. The mall has transformed into one of the biggest shopping destinations in the entire country and houses a varied range of national and international brands and stores. No matter what sense of fashion one is looking for, they are sure to find it here at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall.



In addition to being a top-tier shopping destination, the mall is also home to an eleven screen state of the art theater. The venue has some of the best pictures and sound quality to give the viewers the ultimate viewing experience. For those who prefer to spend their day out doing something more engaging and active, the bowling alley in the mall is the perfect place for you.



UTC Survives and Thrives Due to Louis Chenevert

Everybody in the business world knows that Louis Chenevert is an absolute legend. He achieved this legendary status through his work as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. He led this company through some of its most difficult years. This was in the mid-2000’s when the global recession was ransacking businesses worldwide. While other companies were failing, he was able to triple his company’s stock price and make a hefty profit in the process. Just this last year, when he stepped down from the position of the CEO, the United Technologies Corporation held a celebration of his honor.

During that time of celebration, the executive team came forward and told stories of how their CEO, Louis Chenevert, led United Technologies Corporation to greatness. The first thing they credited him with was his ability to adapt the business to the culture in the quickest fashion possible. One trend that was occurring in the culture was the need for companies to become more environmentally friendly. The United States of America and Canada were both looking to pass stricter regulations. Louis Chenevert foresaw the negative impact this would happen UTC and he led the company to consume less water and produce fewer carbon emissions.

The second thing they credited him for was his ability to stabilize the United Technologies Corporation during a time when other businesses were shutting down. Louis Chenevert was able to stabilize the company by offsetting their portfolio. The recession was hitting the main product of United Technologies Corporation hard. Louis Chenevert knew that if they were going to be able to compete they would need to acquire similar companies that produced similar products that were not being destroyed by the recession.

Louis Chenevert led the way in acquiring the company Pratt & Whitney. His main reason behind this was to gain their military contracts. The military contracts of Pratt & Whitney lasted for 10 years each and provided his company with a stable income during that time. He also acquired Goodrich which was the closest competitor, and this allowed them to diversify and dominate the market.

‘Providing a Backup”

Upon reading about the “First Equity French Tribune”, I was immediately captivated. I feel like if you provide investors with shareholder loans that could ultimately be beneficial for you in the long run. For example: a company is wanting to expand and they have a lot of publicity as well as good reviews, wouldn’t you want to provide them with a loan? Theirs pro’s and con’s just like everything else in this world so we have to make the right choices with the right people when business is at the focal point, and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

When a business make a long-term strategic partnership with a person or company that’s a big commitment. When money is being generated you have to have some type of trust in yourself and they person or person’s you’re conducting business with. Some banks deny equity loans and businesses crash because they don’t have the proper funds to maintain. First Equity French Tribune gives people an opportunity to grow and that helps the lenders who’s willing to give a hand when they feel it’s not only necessary but beneficial as well, and resume them.

Adam Milstein’s Jewish and Israeli Philanthropic Leadership

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American real estate investor, philanthropist, and community leader. Most of his philanthropic work involves strengthening the Jewish people and the State of Israel. He, along with his wife, Gila, is a co-founder and President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is not only to help strengthen the State of Israel but also its ties to the U.S. Their other main goal is to help young Jewish people to take pride in that part of their identities and to ensure the next generation’s affinity for the State.

Adam Milstein served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. He graduated from Technion in 1978. He arrived in the U.S. in 1981 to pursue an MBA from USC and start his career in real estate. His real estate career started with Commercial Real Estate in Southern California and today, he works as the Managing Partner at Hagar Pacific Properties, and

Today, Adam Milstein is also the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also serves on the board of several other similar organizations, such as Jewish Funders Network and StandWithUs. Along with their Family Foundation, Adam and Gila are also the founders of SifriyatPijamaB’America, which provides books in Hebrew on a monthly basis for the purpose of educating Jewish families about their faith’s values. Currently, over 15,000 Jewish-Israeli families are members.

The Foundation also supports a variety of Jewish- and Israeli-related organizations. They include everything from those working to combat anti-Semitism to Youth Outreach programs. Some of these organizations include Defense for Democracies, Haym Shalom Center, and Human Rights Voices.

Adam Milstein and his wife, Gila currently live in Encino. They have three children and grandchildren.

Adam Milstein’s leadership could indeed serve as an example to many. He is actively helping to preserve the next generation of those with Jewish roots. His work will hopefully continue to shine even more with the next generation, and Adam on Facebook.