Jeunesse Global Fights Aging from the Inside Out

Jeunesse Global brought two prominent figures out of retirement, Wendy Lewis and Brandy Ray. The heart and soul of Jeunesse launched this company on September 9, 2009. It is a direct selling company specializing in proprietary ingredients used in youth-preserving products and nutritional supplements.

Thousands of business entrepreneurs work for this company. These individuals are located around the globe and in over 100 countries. Ray and Lewis have created an unsurpassed compensation system on an international platform. They also offered unbeatable training, technical support, and events.

Reserve is one supplement. It is a blend of fruit juices. The fruits selected are specific and packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight against cellular damage. Cherry juice is used, which contains resveratrol. There are also blueberries, grapes, pomegranates, and Acai berries. The cherries neutralize free radicals, and the pomegranates provide sweetness.

Reserve is a liquid gel. It comes in convenient single serving pouches, which are compact and easy to carry and use. The pouch has a simple tear-off tab at the top. Each packet contains 30 mls of gel and taken twice daily, in the morning and in the evening.

If you prefer to get antioxidants in a capsule, Finiti has the perfect blend. It is a combination of vegetables and fruit. Some ingredients are pomegranate, turmeric, and coenzyme Q10. The supplement does not use artificial colors or preservatives, and it is safe for people who have peanut or shellfish allergies. There are no eggs, dairy, or fish products in the capsule. The recommended dosage is two in the morning and two capsules in the evening.

Jeunesse Global believes in beauty enhancing lotions and creams, but knows youthfulness starts from the inside. Adding antioxidants, such as the ones found in fruits and vegetables, to a diet help slow cellular damage and aging. Lewis, Ray, and other members continue to research new supplements to provide the best products for their entrepreneurs and customers.