Evolution of Hyland’s Company and Its Products

Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief tablets provide babies with the best mouth and gum pain relief. This 5-star product contains natural-active ingredients. There is no Benzocaine, Belladonna, Artificial Flavors, Dyes or Parabens. These tablets are very safe and gentle for your baby’s mouth. Although these tablets are not teething products, they can help with baby’s teething discomfort and pain. Hyland’s carry many teething products for babies.



Hyland’s company was founded in 1903 in Los Angeles, California as a compound pharmacy. George H. Hyland purchased the pharmacy in 1910 and expanded it to what is now Standard Homeopathic company. Interestingly enough, teething products was first mentioned in the company product catalogs in 1925. Cecil Craig, a pharmacy student who joined the company, developed the children’s tablets, known as aspirin, for his daughter. Dissolving tablets can be taken easily by children, especially the ones who have trouble swallowing traditional pills. These products are mainly for targeted relief, which many customers love. Customers love the fact that there are no harsh ingredients. This company seem to build their company upon teething relief.



Hyland’s company values lie upon the scientific fact that our bodies should be used as primary natural defenses to heal. Their products contain no side effects and gentle enough for babies teething discomfort and the elderly. This company is best known for its’ babies teething products. Hyland’s stand by the integrity that our products are homeopathic and are the opposite of conventional medicines. Master athletes use Hyland’s Leg Cramps tablets, the Official Cramp Relief sponsor of the Boston Marathon, that are also dissolving tablets that happens to give fast-acting relief of leg, calf, and foot cramps.


Hyland’s today still stand by the value of homeopathic products that contain no harsh chemicals, only natural active ingredients, fast-relief products that target the direct pain or discomfort. This company is a family-oriented company that uses the highest of standards, using only high-quality ingredients. Hyland’s Homeopathic company continues to evolve after over a century and comes up with additional products for customer’s comfort and fast relief. Hyland’s teething tablets continue to be trusted by many moms all over the nation.


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