Shervin Pishevar racks up yet another correct market prediction

Last February, Shervin Pishevar, one of the most respected figures in tech venture capital, made a series of predictions about the future of the U.S. stock market. Tweeting to his nearly 100,000 followers, Shervin Pishevar said that the markets would likely experience one of their worst years in a decade. He also predicted that volatility would return to the markets, wreaking havoc with some of the new index funds, particularly those that invested in volatility.

Shervin Pishevar said 200-day moving averages will be reset downwards

One of the key metrics that investors use to judge the long-term health of equity and other markets is the 200-day moving average. For the last 10 years, the markets have more or less tracked inside their 200-day moving averages, yielding remarkably stable returns to investors.

But Shervin Pishevar was one of the first to go against the crowd and predict that, for the first time in nearly a decade, the Dow Jones would be trading below its 200-day moving average. This prediction has turned out to be prophetic. The Dow Jones has, indeed, been trading significantly below its 200-day moving average since the beginning of October. Increasingly, investors are worried that the departures from recent historic norms may signal a fundamental shift in the mood of investors and the future of what has amounted to one of the longest-running bull markets in the history of the country.

But many investors still don’t want to listen to the rest of Shervin Pishevar’s opinions. The majority of what the inveterate financier has said is not particularly optimistic. And he has specifically predicted that the Dow Jones may give up all of the gains that it made in 2018 and most of what it gained throughout 2017.

By this point, however, Pishevar’s incredible track record of getting very specific predictions about the future course of markets right means that investors, no matter how bullish, should be listening to his financial opinions. Listening a little more to reasoned voices like Shervin Pishevar versus self-interested figures like Janet Yellen may be the best thing that America could do to right its financial ship.

Madison Street Capital Has Supplied Its Advisory Services In Yet Another Big Acquisition

Madison Street Capital has a founding date that goes back to 2005. Since its initial beginnings, the Madison Street Capital reputation has been one of absolute professionalism in providing investment banking services for businesses from the middle market. To that effect, Madison Street Capital is constantly busy working hard in sectors such as business valuation and advisory services on the corporate level. The Madison Street Capital reputation has also been built on a firm foundation of providing clients with the best customer service in the financial industry. These services are provided in areas that include acquisitions, mergers and top-rate professional advisory.


Madison Street Capital is a busy investment banking outfit and it regularly advises companies in the areas of acquisitions. A major announcement that the firm has recently released is the fact that Madison Street Capital has acted in an advisory role for the Sachs Capital Group in its RMG Networks acquisition. Madison Street was in an exclusive advisory role for this massive move on the part of Sachs Capital Group. The firm’s involvement in this significant transaction was noted announced by Madison Street’s Charles Botchway, the Chief Executive Officer. He has expressed how proud he was of his team for the professional performance that was put forward on this major piece of business.


The team at Sachs Capital Group has also expressed its high level of satisfaction with the expert work that Madison Street Capital has put forward on this matter. Gregory Sachs is the CEO at Sachs Capital and he was quite pleased indeed with the final closing of this major deal. Madison Street Capital was instrumental during this whole process in terms of helping to identify sources of capital. The Madison Street Capital team was busy working alongside officials from Sachs Capital throughout the entire process.


RMG Networks is a firm that works in the field of digital messaging. A major focus at RMG Networks is to assist businesses in their goal of becoming more efficient and productive. Sachs Capital Group is a company known for being able to offer capital resources to entrepreneurs that have attained success in their endeavours. This capital is offered in both non-controlling and controlling variations. Valuation and corporate governance are areas that are of great importance to the team at Sachs Capital Group. The team at Madison Street Capital was very proud to work with both of these highly respected companies.


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