EOS Lip Balm: A Well Rounded Success

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra wanted to create a lip care product designed specifically for women that was fun, healthy, and exciting. Women make up 80% of the consumers of lip care products. The egg shape of EOS lip balm is easy to locate in a purse or bag where traditionally designed lip balms are small and easily lost. Jonathan and Sanjiv were confident in their unique product and only wanted investors who believed in it as thoroughly as they did, finding them was difficult and to this day have not accepted outside investors in their company. They relied heavily on word of mouth when EOS lip balms hit shelves, knowing consumers would pick it up because it was new and different and tell their friends because it was a quality product. As popularity grew EOS lip balm was distributed in over 100 countries. As a company, they continually refused outside investors, instead focusing on investing profits back into their company. By working together and having confidence in their product Jonathan and Sanjiv were able to focus on their product and accomplishing their goals for the future. Even without investors and gimmicky advertisements EOS lip balm was able to reach target customers. EOS lip balm is constantly releasing new scents and flavors, keeping consumers excited and trying new products. Seven years after hitting store shelves, EOS is a $250 million company. By focusing on quality and creating a unique design EOS became, and continues to be, a success. EOS lip balm is aesthetically pleasing, uses organic ingredients, and is not tested on animals. EOS lip balm is a quality lip care product that consumers enjoy using and will continue using for years to come.

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