How Guilherme Paulus Contributes to the Brazil Tourism Market

The time travelers on holiday, they have the desire to dig deeper into the surroundings of their visit including accommodation and sites to visit. The holiday goers seek information from family, friends, concierges and tour and travel guides. They do not look for people with a clear understanding and one who can offer credible advice concerning their places of visit. Anytime you go to vacation in Brazil, the person with a clear vision and proper guidance about Brazil is the founder and owner of GJP Hotels and Resorts, Guilherme Paulus. He has the real knowledge about Brazil in matters concerning tourism and travel. Find out more about Paulus at

CVC Tours was also established by Guilherme Paulus. It is among the biggest company in Latin America. His experience lies in planning and turning a trip into art. Since the time he enrolled in tourism, Paulus is one of the top people who made Brazil’s number one travel destination. Currently, Guilherme Paulus takes part in tourism and travel, and he has over 3,000 rooms in the industry spread across Brazil. Guilherme is involved in hotels and resorts constructions in many parts of Brazil. Some of the ventures brought up by Paulus include Foz do Iguaçu fascinating waterfalls, Rio de Janeiro urban delights and Porto de Galinhas and Natal pristine beaches to name but a few.

GJP Hotel and Resorts offers the travelers who visit Brazil a lot of options to choose from or their comfort. The services provided by the premises include accommodations, locations, restaurants, and other personal services. The tourism empire built by Guilherme Paulus is distinguished into three categories. These include wish which caters for ordinary luxurious travelers. Prodigy covers those who luxurious travelers who need value for their money and Linx, which is a family-friendly brand. Guilherme Paulus embraced stress-free Brazil travel since he started his tourism career and Paulus is a real insider as far as Brazil travel is concerned. He has the precise knowledge to guide those who go to Brazil for either business or vacation on matters connected with accommodation and best places to enjoy.

Guilherme is a billionaire and entered the Forbes list of billionaires because of the empire he built in Brazil’s tourism sector. In 1972 at only 24, he founded a tour operator business, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., with a politician collaborate and went the politician left after four years, Paulus never looked back. He pushed the business to make one of the largest Latin American tour operators.

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How Sightsavers Is Saving People’s Eyesight Around The World

Sightsavers is a nonprofit based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, that was established in 1950. They do charity work in more than 30 nations where they promote eye health. They help people avoid blindness due to tropical diseases such as River blindness and Trachoma. They do so by educating people and providing medicines to those who have developed these disease. They also support people with disabilities so that they can lead fulfilling lives.

About one person in the world will go blind every five seconds according to the Royal National Institute of Blindness. The most common reason for blindness is Trachoma which is a bacterial infection. The problem is so large that even individual countries can’t solve this problem. It takes an international effort which is coordinated and concerted. Sightsavers provides antibiotics to those who have Trachoma. They can also assist those who need surgical intervention if their condition warrants it.

The main causes of Trachoma are a lack of clean water, poor sanitation, flies and other insects, and living in crowded spaces. This bacterial infection afflicts people in many nations across Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and the Carribean. Sightsavers says that it can quickly spread from one person to another.

Sightsavers says that if Trachoma is got early in can be easily treated with antibiotics. If it isn’t treated, though, the person’s eyelids become scarred which makes it very painful to blink. The scars scratch up the eyeball, eventually leading to blindness. Trachoma is present in 42 nations and around 182 million people are at risk of developing it. 9 million people have gone blind as a result of contracting Trachoma.

In many countries, a person who is blind or visually impaired becomes marginalized by the rest of society, Sightsavers says. They are unable to work or even care for themselves or their families. Children who develop eye problems are unable to attend school or do the things that other kids enjoy such as playing with others. When Trachoma becomes an epidemic in a developing nation it can quickly outpace the resources that a country can put towards treating it.

EOS Lip Balm: A Well Rounded Success

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra wanted to create a lip care product designed specifically for women that was fun, healthy, and exciting. Women make up 80% of the consumers of lip care products. The egg shape of EOS lip balm is easy to locate in a purse or bag where traditionally designed lip balms are small and easily lost. Jonathan and Sanjiv were confident in their unique product and only wanted investors who believed in it as thoroughly as they did, finding them was difficult and to this day have not accepted outside investors in their company. They relied heavily on word of mouth when EOS lip balms hit shelves, knowing consumers would pick it up because it was new and different and tell their friends because it was a quality product. As popularity grew EOS lip balm was distributed in over 100 countries. As a company, they continually refused outside investors, instead focusing on investing profits back into their company. By working together and having confidence in their product Jonathan and Sanjiv were able to focus on their product and accomplishing their goals for the future. Even without investors and gimmicky advertisements EOS lip balm was able to reach target customers. EOS lip balm is constantly releasing new scents and flavors, keeping consumers excited and trying new products. Seven years after hitting store shelves, EOS is a $250 million company. By focusing on quality and creating a unique design EOS became, and continues to be, a success. EOS lip balm is aesthetically pleasing, uses organic ingredients, and is not tested on animals. EOS lip balm is a quality lip care product that consumers enjoy using and will continue using for years to come.

Plan Your Way to Financial Fitness with Infinity Group

A healthy financial lifestyle is crucial; unfortunately, not everyone possesses the traits vital for a healthy financial lifestyle. Infinity Group Australia reviews point out that the firm prides itself in giving every single dollar a purpose. The company also aims at teaching their clients how to differentiate between wants and needs while keeping the focus on accountability of the financial goal. Infinity Group Australia achieved that objective by working with a personal financial coach who helps customers to keep track of their cash flow and debts.


Infinity Group Australia works with diverse clients through a myriad of meetings to streamline, comprehend and help them implement the weekly cash-based budget. The budget contains essentials, such as fuel, entertainment and groceries. The approach takes into account the details surrounding household needs and not just wants. Your financial coach pays attention to these details and nudges or reminds you when you slightly go off track the budget or financial goal.


The primary objective of Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group was founded to help Australians in reducing personal debt to create wealth while securing their futures. The company is located in Sydney, New South Wales, and Australia. Several people are offered loans from various institutions with varying rates and the promise of growing businesses or helping families. You will rarely hear of such institution reducing debt. Infinity has tailor-made products to help clients pay off debt, which frees them to embark on wealth creation. They offer a plan to assist its clients in paying off debts in half the time through its debt reduction service.


Wealth Creation is evasive for many since most are focused on paying bills from the basic income generated. Infinity believes that to become financially fit, you should be able to create your wealth. That is achieved by protecting your assets and monitoring your investments to ensure that the risk factor is kept under control. Infinity shares several strategies you can use to create wealth and tailor makes one for you based on your financial fitness. Infinity Group Australia reviews also highlights the group’s initiative in working out a solid retirement plan for you. It is essential to put in as much as you will want to take out in retirement so that you maintain your lifestyle. Infinity ensures that you are well prepared and financially secure in your future to enable you to face any unexpected hurdles. Learn more :

Robert Ivy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The latest winner of the Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award has recently been named. Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architects has won the Lifetime Achievement Award. He joins a number of other highly renowned natives of Mississippi to win this prestigious award. Robert will join the likes of famous writers, actors and artists who have been past recipients of the award. The award is given to those who make valuable contributions to the artistic and creative fields. With many years of experience in the architecture field, Robert has been able to make a significant impact on the industry. Ivy received this award in an official ceremony in June of 2018.

By winning the Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ivy earned the praise of many people close to him. One of his main colleagues stated that winning this award proves that Robert is a key ambassador to the field of architecture. Another colleague has said that Robert has been able to prove himself in the field for many years due to his expertise and experience. With his career as a writer, editor and administrator in the architecture field, Ivy has been able to establish himself as one of the leading figures in the industry. All of his colleagues are very happy for him and congratulated him on winning the Lifetime Achievement Award. Find out more about Robert Ivy at Archinect

Robert Ivy has had a long and successful career in the architecture field. When he first began his career, he was a writer who would draft a number of articles about architecture topics. His articles were able to help provide architects with vital information about the latest trends and developments in the field. After a number of years as a writer, Robert Ivy would then become an editor for major publications in the architecture industry. During this time, he won a number of major awards in recognition for his excellence. As an editor he would continue to provide valuable articles about architecture to both architects and the masses. In 2011, Robert would join the American Institute of Architects and eventually become its chief executive officer. As the CEO of the organization, he would expand it into one that has established a presence worldwide. Read more: