Nick Vertucci Pulls Himself Up By the Boot Straps

Nick Vertucci has become a very delightful entrepreneur to pay attention to. He has been able to go from a story of rags to riches only to find himself broke all over again. He decided that he would not stay in state that he was in, and he made a move to engage in real estate investing and get back into the game. This would bring him success and give him the ability to create a multimillion-dollar establishment.

In his book, “Seven-figure decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,” Nick Vertucci is very vocal about how he goes about training others when it comes to real estate. He has become a public speaker and someone that is interested in helping those that want to make money and get out of debt.

Nick Vertucci realizes that there is a niche to finding the right type of real estate. He has been successful because he knows about strategies for investing in foreclosures. He knows about the fixer upper homes that people can use to get started in real estate investing. This is why Nick Vertucci created his real estate Academy. He went through the trials of picking himself up by his boot straps, and now he is passing down this information to others.

His ability to do this is a testament of his comeback spirit. He never felt like he would fold under pressure when he lost money with the technology industry. He knew that he could not continue to wallow in the loss of the money that he made. Instead, Vertucci would have to pick himself up again and look at possibilities for growth in another industry. Real estate would be what he gravitated towards, and that would be the thing that would give him the push they needed to build a new business.

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