Ted Bauman on assets protection

Ted Bauman is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He creates investment information for the American investor. His specialty is in assets protection and low-risk investment strategies. He was never an investor right from a young age; he spent years working in various companies and even at a gas station.

Bauman says that the time he spent in these companies prepared him for who he is today. He got to experience how being felt like. He experienced the struggles that the working class encounters daily in places of work and even in their lives. From living from paycheck to paycheck to facing bosses and supervisors, this was an experience that has shaped the person he is today.

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C. he attended Cape Town University in South Africa where he graduated with a degree in economics and history. He worked with an organization known as Habitat for Humanity. The organization gave him an opportunity to travel around the world. He visited Latin America and the Caribbean. Bauman helped create the Slum Dwellers International, an organization that has operations in 35 countries and serves over 14 million around the world.

Ted Bauman has worked for the United Nations, governments and non-profit organizations from different parts of the globe. He is the author of the Bauman Letter, a blog that he owns and runs through the Banyan Hill Publishing.

Assets protection

In one of his recent blogs, Ted Bauman suggested some measures that people can take to secure their valuable assets. Bauman believes in keeping his valuable assets away from the banks. However, in doing so, he is exposed to another risk of his valuables being destroyed by fire or burglars. Some of the measures he proposed include home safe, Safe-deposit box at the bank, Independent vault among others.

A fireproof and waterproof safe is one of the best ways of keeping valuables. For large assets such as guns, it is better to purchase a customized safe.

Bauman adds that the best place to keep assets is not at home. The assets should be distributed among different locations. It means that in case one location is affected, you do not lose everything. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes


Nick Vertucci Pulls Himself Up By the Boot Straps

Nick Vertucci has become a very delightful entrepreneur to pay attention to. He has been able to go from a story of rags to riches only to find himself broke all over again. He decided that he would not stay in state that he was in, and he made a move to engage in real estate investing and get back into the game. This would bring him success and give him the ability to create a multimillion-dollar establishment.

In his book, “Seven-figure decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,” Nick Vertucci is very vocal about how he goes about training others when it comes to real estate. He has become a public speaker and someone that is interested in helping those that want to make money and get out of debt.

Nick Vertucci realizes that there is a niche to finding the right type of real estate. He has been successful because he knows about strategies for investing in foreclosures. He knows about the fixer upper homes that people can use to get started in real estate investing. This is why Nick Vertucci created his real estate Academy. He went through the trials of picking himself up by his boot straps, and now he is passing down this information to others.

His ability to do this is a testament of his comeback spirit. He never felt like he would fold under pressure when he lost money with the technology industry. He knew that he could not continue to wallow in the loss of the money that he made. Instead, Vertucci would have to pick himself up again and look at possibilities for growth in another industry. Real estate would be what he gravitated towards, and that would be the thing that would give him the push they needed to build a new business.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhitNGrityA

Drew Madden: Who Will Win CVS Or Amazon?

When it comes to a clash of the titans in business, it is hard to top the battle that is taking place between CVS and Amazon right now. This is the fight that people are tuning into because it could have such an impact on the way in which healthcare is delivered to each and every one of us.

Most of us have interacted with both CVS and Amazon at some point in our lives. Thus, to hear that both companies are trying to fight it out to win over our healthcare dollars is a big deal right now. They are using technology to try to better serve us, and people like Drew Madden are taking note.

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT expert who has focused on this area of the economy for his entire life. He has made it his passion to keep an eye on how healthcare technology has changed and taken form over time. He is definitely paying attention to the current fight between CVS and Amazon and how it is shaping the future of healthcare.

Amazon applied for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products across states lines over the Internet. This drew the attention of CVS and other traditional players in the industry as they scrambled to figure out what their next move. CVS has taken some measures to try to protect itself and grow out its business at the same time. The main thing that they have done is made sure that they can offer some of the same perks as Amazon.

CVS has announced that it will guarantee next-day delivery on many of the products that it offers online. In addition to that, the company is preparing to open up a number of additional MinuteClinic locations for the ease of their customers to find exactly what they need when they need it.

Amazon is going to do what they do best and offer the ease of ordering pharmaceutical products online (assuming they get regulatory approval). This will lead to a major battle between the two companies as they try to fight one another for as much of the marketshare of the healthcare space as they possibly can.

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Why Randal Nardone Is a Revered Business Leader across the Globe

Deciding to venture into the business world is different from succeeding in it. Again, it’s one thing to be a businessperson and another to be a business leader. You must have mastered critical business skills to lead others in the business. It’s not possible to take people where you have never been. Great business leaders like Randal Nardone insist that business leadership develops when one can control, organize, delegate, and plan the company or organization’s projects. Randal says it isn’t possible to manage people without some basic business principles. Once you know how to manage people, achieving the goals of the organization is never a big deal.

Randal has been vocal in giving people great tutorials, leadership guides, and the investment strategies they need to attain their business objectives. He has worked in several financial and investment service firms. The growth he has helped these firms to obtain is remarkable. Fortress Investment Group is probably the financial and investment firm most people associate him with in his career. Randal Nardone uses his leadership traits to enhance the lives of other people around him. His influence in the investment world cannot be underestimated. Those who have followed his contributions, experiences, and career know Randal is a gifted business leader.

Although he knew the business world was going through a revolution, his intention to establish a mega company couldn’t fade away in his mind. He didn’t know the impending competition ahead of his career journey, but he decided to move on anyway. He looked for like-minded people like Peter Briger and Wes Edens to establish Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone knew they just needed to improve the quality of their products and make them affordable to conquer the market.

Anyone looking for a skillful manager would first think about Randal Nardone. He went to the Law School at Boston University to study English. Some days later, Randal decided to study biology at Connecticut University. The employees at Fortress Investment Group affirm their satisfaction with Randal’s leadership style. He is a man who believes in shared goals and teamwork spirit. Randal ensured Fortress Investment was still leading in the market by the time Softbank acquired it. RIC Coinvestment Fund, Springleaf Financial Holdings, and IMPAC Commercial Holdings are some of the prestigious investment companies Randal has worked for besides being at Fortress Investment.

Psi-Pay Taking Over Payments

PSI-Pay is an organization offering payment solutions to individuals and organizations worldwide. The organization is the principal issuer of Mastercard member. PSI-Pay is regulated and overlooked by FCA.


PSI-Pay is offering contactless payments. Yes, its safe method but it doesn’t mean that it has less security in its chip technology. In a research done in the UK, it shows that in four payments, one is using the contactless technology. There are many “taps” that are rising in the consumers’ circles leading to concerns regarding the security. There are reasons why its safe method and doesn’t have security risks to its users who have been looking for efficient payment methods.


Encryption Technology It Has Makes Fintech Secure: all the payments done are international. There are no accidental payments in the technology of tap-and-go when you come cross to POS terminal. The technology behind contactless payments is under EMV standard protection.


EMV means Europay, Mastercard and Visa. It says that the consumer payment cards have chip technology or NFC technology. The standard bases off on the dual power of PIN and encrypted keys and they are unique and different to each user. In contactless technology, the PIN is not present, but the dependent is the encrypted keys.


NFC Data: It stands for Near-Field-Communication data. Surprising distance is the critical defense line in contactless payments. The reason is that the sale terminal is not able to read a card that is far in the distance more than an inch. The consumers should not worry to accidentally make any payment because the reach of NFC should be an inch or less.


Small Value Transactions: small value transaction is another security measure that is important to consumers using contactless payments. There is limitation expenditure depending on the country. In the US, the sale terminal has a code that limits $25 and in the UK is 30 pounds. If the sales exceed the above amount, they are rejected, and it is where a consumer has to provide a signature for identification or a PIN code.


So that to ensure that PSI-Pay is safe, limited is the other important security. The technologies are under industry groups that also support an expansion of chip payment methods and contactless.


How A Friendship With Ray Kroc Led To OSI Group Becoming International In Scope

Since the 1970s OSI Group has been a multinational food processing company. It employs over 20,000 people who work in 65 food processing plants located in 17 different nations. It was founded as a butcher shop and retail store in 1909, though. It’s founder, Otto Kolschowsky, was a German immigrant who had only been in the US for two years when he decided to open his own business. Over the next decade, Otto expanded his business into also being a wholesaler of meat. He brought his two sons, Arthur and Henry, onboard and renamed his company Otto & Sons. Over time wholesaling meat became the main focus of the company.

What really caused the company to expand, though, was Arthur and Henry’s friendship with Ray Kroc. He was a franchise agent for a family restaurant opened in 1940 by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald. Ray Kroc was the first person to open a McDonald’s franchise location. He chose to source the beef for hamburgers from his friends at Otto & Sons. McDonald’s, of course, was a huge success and started rapidly expanding across the state of Illinois, then the Midwest, the rest of the United States, and the world. Otto & Sons transitioned into mainly supplying McDonald’s with processed beef, although since that time they have partnered with several other restaurant chains as well. OSI Group is now a global company and processes many types of food beyond beef.

One of these is poultry, something they first started processing in the 1990s. Many people around the world are eating more chicken than ever. One of this company’s first international facilities is in Toledo, Spain. The manager of this OSI Group location says that chicken demand has been steadily going up for years and so in order to keep up this plant needed to be upgraded. OSI Group spent 17 million euros upgrading this plant. They doubled the amount of poultry they can process here, going from 12,000 tons of it a year to 24,000 tons. They made additional improvements as well for food safety and energy conservation purposes. They also hired 20 more people, adding to the 140 that were already working at this location.

Robert Ivy Receives A Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy has been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. This award was given to Robert for a lifetime of trailblazing in the field of architecture in America. Mississippi is his home state, and he was awarded in Jackson before a crowd of many people who have gotten to know him over the years. This article explains how Robert has become a luminary in the world of building design. See Related Articles at archinect.com

Robert’s Connection To World Architecture

Robert Ivy is connected to the world of architecture outside America. He has done quite a lot of work with people whose names everyone knows. He has worked with people such as I.M. Pei, and he has drawn inspiration from the greats like Frank Lloyd Wright. He has been recognized because many of his buildings populate his home state. He has his own style that has inspired others, and it has changed how people approach the art of architecture.

His Writing

Robert Ivy has written about architecture in many places, and he is best known for an anthology he has done of architecture in Asia. He has worked with McGraw-Hill for some time, and he is responsible for making western architecture more accessible to eastern designers.

His mission to expand the world of architecture also includes biographies of great architects. He wants the younger generation to learn about these architects, and he hopes that these books because texts for the future.


Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. His current role with the organization sees him hoping to expand membership. He wants more people to join early so that they may learn as young as possible. He is hoping to increase the profile of the group, and he wants to offer more educational opportunities to the people who join.

Robert Ivy has been given a lifetime achievement award because he has never stopped working. He wants to see the world of architecture grow as more people learn how to design and make the world beautiful.

Read more: https://www.aia.org/leadership