Shervin Pishevar’s Tweets Have People Listening

There are always tweets going around with nuggets of advice. Shervin Pishevar, a tech investor, decided to make his voice heard on Twitter in February. Months later, people are still finding his advice and overall outlook intriguing.


The Tweet Storm

What is now being referred to as a tweet storm included 50 tweets sent in the span of a day by Shervin Pishevar. Of course, he decided to break them out, sending only a few an hour. He even paused his thoughts for dinner. To make it easier for his tens of thousands of followers, he did number the tweets.


In the tweets, he covered his thoughts on the economy, monopolies that have too much power, the lag that the United States has in terms of the speed of production, and more.


Why are people listening?

There are a number of reasons why people have chosen to listen to Shervin Pishevar’s tweets. The first is that his tweet storm was picked up by a number of business blogs. Plenty of bloggers have decided to add to his tweet storm and put their own thoughts on the topics that were covered.


The second is that Shervin Pishevar is a smart businessman. He was an early investor in a number of startups, including Airbnb and Uber. He has a sense for knowing when things will happen, which is why he has been so successful. With over 50,000 followers, it only makes sense that people are listening to what he has to say.


Finally, much of what he has said has truth behind it. He predicted that the market would drop in aggregate by 6,000 points in the coming months. Within a day, the market started to teeter. He has also called out the monopolies with too much power, including Amazon and Facebook, both of which have been in the news recently because of the power they’re wielding.


Reading up on the tweets that Shervin sent can shed some light on the state of affairs in the United States.

Mobilize votes with NGP VAN

The politics of today are very much different from those of the 1950s. Politics are no longer “labor intensive” but technology intensive.” The role of technology in accessing the grassroots is a reality in modern politics. In politics, one wants to connect with every single voter in the area, and it is hardly possible for one to pull such a thing through a usual labor-intensive method.

Big data companies are being used to connect the campaigns to voters at the grassroots level. This type of approach to politics is employed by the Democrats when identifying their voter base. Technology is being used to identify the voters and influencing them to come out in big numbers on the Election Day. Big data, social media and the real power of technology in politics were evident in the election of 2008 and 2012 where Barrack Obama won. NGP VAN spearheaded the technology-based campaigns for the Democrats.

NGP VAN is an organization which assists Democrats running for office to use technology in reaching out to the voters. The organization is based in Washington DC. NGP VAN is a database and web-hosting company that works with multiple political parties in different countries. NGP VAN gives Democrats a chance to use data-powered technology to reach out to the electorate.


Working with NGP VAN Company ensures that you are always on the right side of technology. With technology evolving rapidly, strategies also keep on evolving rapidly. So, you will want to work with an organization that will assure you that the best technology will be used. Political parties and politicians must keep themselves updated on the latest effective technology that will assist them to win elections. This organization normally applies various web-based and smartphone-based technologies to reach the target audience. No politician should lose an election because they are applying outdated technology. NGP VAN is the company that politician should approach for technology-based campaigns.


Politics are no longer in the age of TV and radio stations, the real power on gathering voters’ data is in technology. With almost everyone owning a smartphone, reaching out individually to the people is essential.


The Legal Career Of Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent lawyer in Brazil. During his career, he has helped many people with various legal issues. Paying for an experienced lawyer is one of the best choices people can make when faced with a problem. Some people wrongly choose a lawyer based on the cost of the services. In many cases, it is worth the extra price to pay for someone who will solve the legal issue.

Ricardo Tosto specializes in business law. As a business owner, he has a unique perspective on helping business owners. He is the type of person who wants to help as many people as possible. With the changing laws and regulations in Brazil, he knows it can be difficult for some people to understand how to manage a company.

Customer Service

From the time he started his legal business, Ricardo Tosto has always emphasized customer service. In the country of Brazil, few people have expertise in Brazilian law. As a result, many lawyers can charge high fees for their services. Instead of taking this approach, Ricardo would rather offer services at a reasonable rate. He is always busy because he provides exceptional service to his customers. He recently had to hire additional lawyers to manage the workload.

Next Steps

Many people in Brazil are struggling with legal problems. Some people are starting companies due to the strong economy. Other people are buying a home or moving to the country. In each of these cases, having some professional legal advice can help. Although Ricardo Tosto is busy, he loves interacting with his customers each day.


PSI Pay Is The Complete Business Banking Solution

PSI Pay is an alternative banking solution that operates in real time. The system provides members with the access to deposit and withdraw money from within its localized banking network. Transactions are frequently in real time. It allows its business customers to accept payments and make payments online, offline, and via the mobile app. Additionally, it keeps an accurate and timely reporting on the transactions.

The company headquarters are in Europe. It was founded in 2007. It is regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority. More and more business owners are selecting the PSI Pay method of banking, and in 2015 alone, the company experienced a 30% increase in growth. That trend in growth has continued as new members are constantly turning to digital payment alternatives from PSI Pay. Payments can be made or received instantly. Transactions can take place using 44 different currencies, a feature that attracts the attention of its members, and encourages frequent usage by its members around the world. Investors trading on the foreign exchange markets can readily conduct transactions in the currency of their choice. Other more traditional forms of banking may not immediately clear the funds. With PSI Pay, the funds are available in the investor take immediate advantage. The company also features the benefit of MasterCard transactions, and tracks these transactions. It is in full compliance with the regulations of the FCA Regulatory Authority.

PSI Pay also offers the solution for keeping track of transactions made in the account. Members receive up to the minute record-keeping information whenever money is deposited or withdrawn. Business members know exactly when their customer has paid, thereby making it easier to efficiently run they are business. Transactions can be completed either online or offline with contactless payments. PSI Pay has an easy to use mobile app allowing members to even use their smartphone. The service is available in more than 170 countries. A member’s funds are never pooled with any other funds. The company guides itself with full transparency to every member.—PAY-LTD/companies-house-data


At Rocketship Education, knowing a student’s growth rate is vital.

About Rocketship education

Since its foundation in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner, Rocketship has been in existence as a nonprofit charter schools network that mainly aims at the students from low-income families. Having its headquarters in California, the organization opened its first school in San Jose, a year after its inception.

In its central school, the students performed very well and earned it recognition and praise. As a result, Rocketship Education expanded. In five years, the organization opened six other charter schools.

The ‘hybrid’ model of learning is used at Rocketship, through individualized online learning, classroom teaching, and group tutoring. Rocketship has partnered with Team America, an organization that places graduates in teaching jobs.

Achievement gap statistics

Most students who are born to economically weak families start school later and never catch up. In Nashville, for example, most students are from such families, and for every subject, an achievement gap is noted. Keeping an eye on a student’s academic growth is thus very essential. A lowly performing student has higher chances of dropping out and lower chances of joining college.

A significant increment in the grades for every academic year could result in the student catching up. However, it’s rather hard to grow more than a grade level. At Rocketship education schools, this is possible. In 2017, 146 of the students at Rocketship United Academy started the year behind but finished above the grade level.

Academic progress

Attaining the achievement gap enclosure requires a regular measure of a student’s performance. In Tennessee, most schools have learned the improvement rates of their students, but for elementary schools in Davidson, this is yet to be done for they depend on the student’s proficiency scores.

While these are important, they only tell where a student lies at a particular academic year but do not state how much a student has learned.

The measure of academic progress (MAP)

MAP assessment is currently being put to use in over 74,000 schools. Rocketship Education has also been using it since it gives accurate results on individual growth rate.

James Robinson, the founding principal of Rocketship United Academy, urges parents to use the MAP to be able to learn about their children’s growth. He recommends further that knowing where a student is headed helps in being a better advocate in their studies.

The Great Achievements of Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion and though the firm, he has helped many companies acquire more customers. Talk Fusion has fully revolutionized the way people advertise their businesses and through the use of modern technology to carry out their network marketing. Bob founded the firm in 2007 and he heavily relied on video emails to help firms acquire their target audience. Due to the various emerging issues in the market, Bob later adopted a different mode of the firm`s operation, which has been attributed to the tremendous growth of Talk Fusion.

Prior to launching his venture, Bob worked as a policeman before he quit to do business. His firm has grown tremendously since its establishment and helped many firms grow. Bob acquires most of his profits after the targeted firms have accomplished their mission and as a result, he has emerged to be the most sought out CEO due to the satisfaction he provides to his clients.

His passion towards work is one of the major reasons he has succeeded in his business and many people have strived to emulate his steps. Besides, Bob has always been passionate about the use of the modern technology to conduct his business and his ability to keep in track with the modern trends in the market has seen many firms rise to the top. The renowned entrepreneur flaunts over twenty years of experience in the marketing and direct selling industries and through this, he has learned many things regarding the field. His knowledge in the field has highly contributed to the success of Talk Fusion and he has strived to bring more improvements in the operations of the firm since its establishment.

Additionally, Bob is passionate about helping other people achieve success in their ventures and in every order he receives, he has always put his best effort towards accomplishing the mission of the client. He is also innovative and is never afraid to bring new ideas to life. Over the years, he has strived to employ new strategies in Talk Fusion, with an aim of improving its operations. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein; Internet Marketing Penetrates the Legal Industry

Without a doubt, the legal profession comes with tremendous challenges because of how competitive it is. Because it is a growing market, purchasing policies and terms for these legal services are vastly transitioning. For example, in-house teams recruit tech-savvy and integrated personnel who provide more than legal advice. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

To sustain this growing demand for legal services, companies are opting to provide legal services online. According to one Madison County Courier, seeking a lawyer online is far much easier than having to travel down the law firm for assistance.

Background Look

Joining the list of legal experts online is the Lawyer Referral and Information System that had launched a tech-savvy portal online for clients to seek legal help from attorneys. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Medium

The portal was formed with the assistance of one This company provides high-tech resources for the marketplace as well as referral management for the legal industry. What is more, these services are always available throughout the day.

Details of the Operation

The chief executive officer of Mr. Tony Lai stated that the portal in which lawyers can provide their legal services is affordable to many families as even the lowest income earners can part with the legal fees.

Alongside the fact that it is accessible to a huge client base, this portal comes with a lot of convenience. Therefore, clients who reside in New York and others across the world can access these services.

Getting the Right Lawyer for Your Case

Lawyers have different specialization. For you to find the right legal adviser for your case, go online then fill a questionnaire. From the questionnaire, a lawyer should be able to scrutinize your requirements for legal assistance to prevail. After the review, your requests will be directed to the right county bar association for discussion.

LRIS has been in service for more than twenty-five years. The company has legal experts who understand the value of client service in relation to solving issues on time.

Other than that, the management is prompt in answering legal questions. Alongside the assistance of the New York Bar Association in legal matters, most clients can now enjoy the excellent legal services provided by lawyers online.

The Overview

Jeremy Goldstein is a legal expert with more than twenty years experience in the industry. Also a partner at the famous Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, he is dedicated to advising clients on compensation, management, corporate law and governance among other issues.

Moreover, Jeremy Goldstein is involved in many companies with the most memorable being Wachtell. Further, into his career, he worked for Lipton and was involved in the acquisition of Goodrich.