Michael Thoreau Lacey

Michael Thoreau Lacey was born on September 26, 1959. In 1987, Lacey earned his Ph.D from the University of Illinois based in the Urbana-Champaign. He was also directed under the tutelage and a student of Walter Philipps.

When it came to his doctorate thesis, he focused on Banach spaces – which is a mathematical analysis of vector space. Banach spaces was named after Polish mathematician Stefan Banach, who studied and introduced the concept between 1920 and 1922.

After getting his doctorate, he worked at Louisiana State University. Then later, he worked at the University of North Carolina, once again pairing with Philipp. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://www.math.gatech.edu/people/michael-lacey and https://www.genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/id.php?id=62509

At UNC, Lacey and Philipp experimented in probability theory, specifically proving central limit theorem. Central limit theorem is about proving probabilities.

From the years of 1989 to 1996, he worked at Indiana State University. While Lacey’s tenure there, he received a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

Lacey began studying bilinear Hilbert transform, a form of signal processing which had been unproved by Argentinean mathematician Alberto Calderon. However, Lacey and Christoph Thiele proved Calderon to be wrong. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

After Lacey and Thiele’s findings, they were awarded the Salem Prize. The prize was created by Raphael Salem’s widow and is awarded yearly to young mathematicians who show outstanding scholarship in Salem’s respective field of Fourier series.

By 2012, Lacey became a member of the American Mathematical Society. The AMS, based out of Providence, Rhode Island in 1888, is humbly dedicated towards mathematical research and scholarship.

They hold national and annual meetings and currently hold the largest studies towards mathematics in the world.

Sheldon Lavin: The Award-Winning, Visionary, CEO Of The OSI Group

Many people today know Sheldon Lavin as the CEO of the global food processing company the OSI Group. But although Lavin has spent almost 50 years involved in the food industry, his background is actually in accounting, banking and finance. After earning a degree in accounting and financial management, Sheldon Lavin had a very successful career in banking. He then went on to found a financial services firm. When the owners of the OSI Group came to him seeking help to purchase new equipment and expand, Lavin helped them and began buying stock in the company.

When the sons of the company ‘s founder retired, Lavin owned a controlling percentage of the company’s stock. He took charge of the OSI Group, built on its reputation for providing quality meats and created a plan to take them global. Under Lavin’s leadership the OSI Group has brought those plans to fruition. The company has benefited greatly from his vision, the systems he has created and the confidence he has in his staff. This has helped the OSI Group to become very successful. In recognition of his accomplishments Sheldon Lavin was given the Global Visionary Award for 2016 by the Vision World Academy of India.

Lavin is a beloved chief executive. He has molded the over 20,000 staff members of the OSI Group into a giant family. Lavin maintains an open door policy and encourages employees on all levels of the company to come to him with their ideas, concerns and questions. Sheldon Lavin also tells the staff to call him by his first name and he regularly has lunch with rank and file employees. More importantly, Lavin has created excellent worker safety policies and programs that provide employees and their loved ones with generous benefits. It shows he really cares about his staff, and lacrosse camp Sheldon Lavin.

Part of the expansion plan Sheldon Lavin crafted was the acquisition of key companies. To gain a stronger foothold in Europe, the OSI Group acquired the British food company Flagship Europe and Baho Foods, a Dutch company. Together they give the company a presence in two dozen European countries, and his Website.

Other Reference: https://www.rmhc.org/board-of-trustees

Jeremy Goldstein Redefines Corporate Executive Compensation Schemes

Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished corporate governance attorney with a brilliant track record in the M&A world. Jeremy trained and perfected his legal skills and understanding at the prestigious law schools and universities of Chicago and New York. That’s on top of Mr. Goldstein later receiving a cum laude distinction from the globally acclaimed Cornell Uni. Here’s a list of the top M&A deals Jeremy’s orchestrated over the past 40 years.


  • The Merck and Schering Plough Corporation
  • Goodrich and United Technologies
  • The Dow Chemical Company, Hass and the Rohm Company
  • Unocal and Texaco Corporation
  • BOA and MBNA Corporation
  • Bank of American and FleetBoston Financial Corporation
  • Miller Brewing Company and South African Breweries
  • Verizon and ALLTEL Corporation
  • AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless Services Inc.


Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC.


Asides Jeremy Goldstein being actively involved in bringing together international conglomerates and other Fortune 500 listed brands and companies, the respected investor also serves on several high-profile Executive Compensation Committees in the nation. Today, the veteran corporate lawyer runs a successful law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He’s a permanent board executive at the Legal 500, NYU Journal of Law and Business, and a staff attorney for the Chambers USA Guide for


Leading Lawyers and Businesses.


In addition, Goldstein supports a renowned charity organization called Fountain House. The astute investor is not only a board member at the charity, but, he’s also a major donor to the organization that strives to help individuals suffering from all sorts of mental conditions.


Services Offered


Crunchbase.com describes Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC as an established boutique legal firm that serves to advise managers and CEOs on how to come up with a proper compensation plan for their top executives. The law firm also assists businesses and companies to draft retirement packages for staff.


Harvard Alumnus


Jeremy is a passionate speaker who regularly pens academic journals to reputable resource hubs like on the Harvard University legal bulletin board. In one of his more recent journal and publications, Goldstein delves into the importance of acknowledging the rising shareholder activism when calculating executive compensation. Businesses and companies that chose to completely ignore the need to foster better ties with their shareholders and investors alike are putting themselves in the firing range.


Jeremy’s Posts


Click here to read the rest of the informative note by Jeremy on Harvard.edu and learn the value of compensating every staff member ustly, always. Jeremy reckons that paying your staff well acts as a cushion of sorts in the off-chance you get involved in a coöperate lawsuit. Provided you were paying the top-level executives and the subordinates well, then, there’s an excellent chance the activists will let you off easy, with a mild warning at most. But, if you get slapped with a corporate lawsuit and you’re discovered to be a horrible boss, then you’ll really face it tough with the activists. Learn more:  http://clsbluesky.law.columbia.edu/2015/09/10/goldstein-and-associates-discuss-short-termism-performance-goals-and-executive-compensation/

Luiz Carlos Trabuco

The Bradesco Bank located in Brazil has accomplished a lot since it opened and the bank is looking to accomplish a lot more. So far, the Bradesco Bank has built a relationship with the media, got involved in the New York Stock Exchange, and added on other companies to be their partners. The bank would not be able to accomplish anything without a team of executives that are dedicated to the bank’s success. In 2009 the Bradesco Bank Succession and Appointment Committee were given the task of selecting the person that will lead the company. The Succession and Appointment Committee selected Luiz Carlos Trabuco to take over the company.

Luiz has worked at the Bradesco Bank since he was 17 years old. He was able to get his college education while he was working at the bank. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Sao Paulo in Philosophy Science and Letters. He decided to continue his education and received his master’s degree in Socio-Psychology from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia Octavio Lazari no lugar de Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco got his first promotion after being an employee at the bank for 15 years. He was promoted to the Marketing Director of the Bradesco Bank. In the year 1992 Trabuco became the CEO of a private pension company linked to the Bradesco Bank the end in 1998. When he left the pension company he became the Managing Director. A year after being selected to be the Managing Director he became the Vice President. In 2003 he became the president of Bradesco Insurance. When he became the president of the insurance company, he was also placed in charge of 8 other companies that were linked to the company. In 2009 he was named the new President of the Bradesco Bank. In all of the positions that Trabuco served in the bank acquired success that they did know was possible. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s time as president will come to an end on March 12, 2018. The Succession and Appointment Committee has selected a vice president to take over the position of president on Trabuco’s last day.

The Succession and Appointment Committee has select Octavio de Lazari Junior the Executive Vice President of the bank and the Chief Executive Officer of the Bradesco group at the Bradesco Bank to be the new president. Lazari has been working at the bank since 1978. He has made many advancements in the company and outside of the company. In addition to all of the responsibilities that Octavio de Lazari Junior holds at the bank, he is the head of two different credit companies. he got the majority of his credit experience working at the Bradesco bank and uses it to better the lives of the people around. He has gained great experience from working as the department director of the Department of Loans and Financing. Although, Lazari’s credentials have caused the committee to believe they chose the best person available.

See: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5227979/sucessao-no-bradesco-deve-ocorrer-no-primeiro-bimestre-diz-trabuco

Betsy DeVos Calls For Congressional Hearing On Parkland Shooting

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education and some Democratic congressmen are calling for a congressional hearing on the recent school shooting which resulted in 17 deaths and injuries to multiple persons. An expelled student from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School allegedly fired his gun and massacred unsuspecting students and faculty. The school is located in Parkland, Florida and the shooting is considered by many as the deadliest in the history of the nation. It seems that this type of gun violence is already becoming a routine in the country.



This recent massacre in Florida incited calls for additional firearms restrictions just like the school shootings that happened in the recent past. But this present shooting incident also provoked calls for an expansion of services for mental health. Apparently, the shooter has previously demonstrated the characteristics of a mentally deranged person. But although calls for more gun regulations were issued in the past, none of them has forced congress to pass a bill that will that will address the mental health problem.



In a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, DeVos, the wife of Dick Devos, a prominent businessman and FAA board member, did not give any policy proposal. However she said that the latest shooting incident should induce stronger discussions with regards to solving and pursuing issues in mental health. DeVos also told the radio host that Congress has to hold hearings on these problems. She also said that every time an incident such as this happens, many discussions take place. However, she said that the discussions need to be focused in such a way that lawmakers can really impact the future.



It seems DeVos was able to attract a willing ear in Sen. Patty Murray, the Democratic Senator of Washington. The leading member of Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, said that she agrees with DeVos wholeheartedly and suggests that a hearing on the matter of mental health issues be scheduled by her Republican counterparts. Murray said that families in the country are growing tired of lawmakers not stepping up, nor having strong conversations and adopting common sense policies for gun safety to stop this malady in the nation’s communities and schools. She said she is happy that DeVos is requesting for hearings in Congress to tackle this issue.



A leading member of Congress particularly the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, Bobby Scott, Democrat, Virginia, together with Suzanne Bonamici, Democrat, Oregon, in a letter, has issued calls for the committee chairman to schedule a day for the hearing of these issues. Other Democrats of the House supported the proposal for the hearing.



In their letter, the committee said that the Parkland high school shooting incident is a preventable tragedy. But it still resulted in 17 deaths of faculty and students. The letter also mentioned the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that happened five years ago. There were already more than 230 shootings that happened with more than 430 shot according to the letter. Despite all of these, lawmakers have yet to have a congressional hearing that will address these issues since February 2013, the letter also indicated.


Visit http://www.betsydevos.com/ to learn more.


Todd Lubar and His Take on Baltimore Realty Industry

Todd Lubar refers Baltimore as the charming city under the sun. This is because the city is full of young and active professionals who are focusing in development and growth. In regards to the general population, the town is seemingly losing the numbers. However, it is doing exemplarily well with the younger generation. With the rising numbers of professionals at Baltimore, there is indeed a heightened demand for good apartments. Moreover, real estate developers are occupying themselves with renovating and refurbishing older houses and condos.

Real estate players in Baltimore are playing a critical role in the development of several apartments and condominium options. In addition to the development of the realty sector, the focus in Baltimore is also on the public transportation. As such, the city will be friendly for those intending to live and work downtown. Some realty developers have projected an accelerated growth of the city’s metropolitan areas due to the expansion of the city’s public transportation system. Notably, majority of those dwelling in the suburbs will need adept access to their workplaces without necessarily incurring additional costs, including parking fees.

Todd Lubar observes that the current business environment in Baltimore is fostering the mushrooming and blossoming of the local business community. Startup firms are also witnessing unprecedented growth in their enterprise endeavors. Interestingly, this has given the Baltimore city a reputation for being an area, which supports new business ventures as well as talents. You can visit LinkedIn to see more.

Presently, Todd works as the president and chair of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He additionally works with Legendary Investment as the vice president. Before moving to TDL Global Ventures, Lubar worked with various other business entities, including Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group. He also facilitated the development of a unit, which entailed millions of dollars in loans per year while working with Maryland Legacy Financial. Check out Yelp to see more.

As a seasoned business guru, Todd Lubar strives to read news relating to the business environment on a daily basis, which gives him an upper hand in making informed business decisions. According to him, through his business experiences, comprehending the current issues, which affect the general business environment helps one in prioritizing his day to day business activities.