The Shaping of Architecture Industry and the Influence of American Institute of Architects

In today’s world, architecture has a more prominent role in designing lives than earlier decades. The advancement of technology and changing environment across the globe have given new opportunities and challenges for the architects. The industry was always ready to adapt to the requirements of the decades it represents and provided solutions based on the needs of the people. As a channeling force, American Institute of Architects acted the central role in shaping the industry, especially in the recent years. The premier association of American architects is regarded as the last word of the architecture ecosystem.

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Robert Ivy, the CEO of the group, is visualizing and leading all the revolutions in the industry in the recent decades. He recently spoke about the plans of AIA, trends visible in the industry currently and the future years, thoughts of young architects, changing concepts of architecture, and more. According to him, architecture can significantly influence a number of aspects ranging from improving the health of the inhabitants to offering disaster relief solutions. While elaborating the influence of architecture in public health, Robert Ivy pointed out that New York’s famous Central Park, as well as Washington D.C.’s swamps, are clear examples from the past.

He continued that the architects go for different themes at various intervals. While the previous decade was focused on formalism, which saw building structures as objects than any social agents, currently people see them more socially engaged, which is going to see more integration in the coming decades. Robert Ivy said that the young architects showcase a character of different interests, and for them, health is an important topic. He also thinks that it can significantly limit many non-communicable diseases as well. This is especially true in the case of lifestyle diseases like heart issues and diabetes. For this purpose, Ivy suggests the architecture that promotes exercise, ranging from long walkways, walk up stairs, and more.Read:

Robert Ivy also says that the material selection can also significantly improve the health in both mass level and individual health. Today’s architects are keeping a mantra of safety, health, and welfare. Also, there is a transformation from the requirement of “welfare” to “well-being.” Ivy thinks that well-being has a larger sense of human contribution and shapes not just in physical but in spiritual and psychic states as well. Under his leadership, AIA is also investing in technology, including Hackathons, smart applications to connect architects and the general public, and more.

AIA was formed as a professional association in 1857 and grew to 90,000 members as of today. The organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. also plays a major role in improving the public education and architectural standards through various programs. While coming to Ivy, he has more than two decades of expertise in the architecture industry, and he joined AIA in the year 2011.



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