Samuel Strauch Emphasizes Miami Real Estate Business As Usual

Highly successful real estate entrepreneur Samuel Strauch reaffirmed his confidence that the Miami market will quickly return to normal following recent Hurricane Irma.

The long time Miami resident and businessman called attention to how the city has spent years after the 1992 Hurricane Andrew growing stronger and better equipped to handle monster storms and more information click here.

For example, he pointed out Miami has reinforced and strengthened its infrastructure system and tackled plans for overflows, deluges, power outages and disaster cleanup.

Strauch also indicated Miami’s building codes are some of the most stringent in the country as they call for definitive reinforcement and strengthening of roofs and other structures to bear up against harsh wind loads and what Samuel knows.

He also stated with new construction features such as cinder-block masonry, hurricane straps and toughened solid concrete pillars became standard aspects.

According to Strauch, government agencies and private groups teamed up within hours after Hurricane Irma to get the city back to its everyday routine as quickly and effectively as possible and Samuel’s lacrosse camp.

One of the leading agents in the Miami area, Strauch and other industry leaders, signified the slowdown in the Miami real estate market may not be as severe as initially projected.

He revealed delays in closing dates have been postponed as both insurance and mortgage companies re-examine properties to check for any harm because of the storm and contact him.

Finance companies also want to revisit assessments and insurance companies need to make certain the conditions of the properties include all the relevant characteristics previous to Hurricane Irma.

Strauch emphasized that while it is unknown how much time it will take to come up with damage numbers, Miami will rebuild. He has put his clients at ease by pointing out business is on its normal course of activity with some fine-tuning for remaining storm damage.

Strauch completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Hofstra University and went on to complete his studies at Erasmus University and Harvard University.

He started his career in banking but joined his family’s real estate business in South Florida. In 2002 Strauch launched Metrik Real Estate which focuses on new developments, commercial and residential income producing properties, land and property rehabilitation.

Strauch, who is an active investor in other Internet and restaurant businesses, is an avid art and photography enthusiast and cyclist. He is a licensed real estate broker in South Florida and Latin America.

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