Executive Lori Senecal Is An Example Of Why Creativity Matters In Business

There are many skills that are needed to succeed in the world of business. A capable business person must know how to build and maintain relationships, they must be aware of how to develop and implement strategies that can drive change on a day to day level and in a big picture sense. But now more than ever business people must be able to deploy creativity in a way that will benefit their business.

Some people might wonder why creativity would be considered a must-have business skill when there are other more technical skills that impact a business’ performance in its respective sector such as financial management or specific domain expertise. While hard skills like these are very important for any business to have some business executives and professionals might find that being creative can be just as useful in their careers and to their companies. According to a survey that was conducted by IBM chief executive officers from a wide range of countries selected creativity as the quality that they believed would have the most impact on how their companies performed in the future. According to CKGSB Knowledge a professor from New York University’s business school noted that being creative was an “important leadership quality.” It is clear that creativity has an important role to play in the world of business. Check out Forbes to know more.

There are few chief executive officers who value the role that being creative has to play in building a successful business more than Lori Senecal. Lori Senecal was named to the position of global CEO of the advertising company CP + B in 2015. Lori Senecal recently received the honor of being counted among the “most creative people in business” by a magazine known as Fast Company. The annual list of Most Creative People that is compiled by Fast Company is meant to celebrate the innovative business people and creatives that are working across a number fields and who are in a variety of professions. Lori Senecal received the honor because of the stellar record of work that Lori has been doing at CP +B as a senior executive that is responsible for managing the firm’s international business endeavors. Follow her on Twitter

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