Samuel Strauch Emphasizes Miami Real Estate Business As Usual

Highly successful real estate entrepreneur Samuel Strauch reaffirmed his confidence that the Miami market will quickly return to normal following recent Hurricane Irma.

The long time Miami resident and businessman called attention to how the city has spent years after the 1992 Hurricane Andrew growing stronger and better equipped to handle monster storms and more information click here.

For example, he pointed out Miami has reinforced and strengthened its infrastructure system and tackled plans for overflows, deluges, power outages and disaster cleanup.

Strauch also indicated Miami’s building codes are some of the most stringent in the country as they call for definitive reinforcement and strengthening of roofs and other structures to bear up against harsh wind loads and what Samuel knows.

He also stated with new construction features such as cinder-block masonry, hurricane straps and toughened solid concrete pillars became standard aspects.

According to Strauch, government agencies and private groups teamed up within hours after Hurricane Irma to get the city back to its everyday routine as quickly and effectively as possible and Samuel’s lacrosse camp.

One of the leading agents in the Miami area, Strauch and other industry leaders, signified the slowdown in the Miami real estate market may not be as severe as initially projected.

He revealed delays in closing dates have been postponed as both insurance and mortgage companies re-examine properties to check for any harm because of the storm and contact him.

Finance companies also want to revisit assessments and insurance companies need to make certain the conditions of the properties include all the relevant characteristics previous to Hurricane Irma.

Strauch emphasized that while it is unknown how much time it will take to come up with damage numbers, Miami will rebuild. He has put his clients at ease by pointing out business is on its normal course of activity with some fine-tuning for remaining storm damage.

Strauch completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Hofstra University and went on to complete his studies at Erasmus University and Harvard University.

He started his career in banking but joined his family’s real estate business in South Florida. In 2002 Strauch launched Metrik Real Estate which focuses on new developments, commercial and residential income producing properties, land and property rehabilitation.

Strauch, who is an active investor in other Internet and restaurant businesses, is an avid art and photography enthusiast and cyclist. He is a licensed real estate broker in South Florida and Latin America.

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Social Awareness of Fabletics with Breast Cancer

Amazon may be very involved in the fashion industry, but there is more to fashion than just selling clothes and wearing them. Fashion is all about expression. People are sending messages with what they wear. More people are becoming aware and deliberate about the messages they send with the clothes they wear. It is important to look at the social cues with the fashion choices. Another thing to look at is the brand of clothes that are being worn. Kate Hudson is willing to attract attention to her brand by taking on health issues such as breast cancer.


Among the people that Kate Hudson is supporting are women who do not have the money to be able to afford the treatment needed for breast cancer. Given that any type of cancer is going to become deadly if left to build for a while. This is one of the reasons that it is important to get tested and get treatment as soon as possible. The treatment options that are available could use improvement. This is one of the reasons that it is a good thing to gain awareness of the issue from companies such as Fabletics and their innovative ways of bringing forth products in their respective industries.


With Fabletics they have tons of items that have some creative and aesthetically pleasing designs. The best part is that the clothes are comfortable. They feel really good to wear. They also are reasonably priced. For fashion that helps people feel better about themselves, this is one of the most important aspects. Of course people will like it if the clothes look good as well. Wearing clothes that look and feel good will go a long way to the improvement of self image for women that are struggling with it.


One of the most important causes of Fabletics is health. This is one of the reasons that they are putting all of their design efforts into health related clothing. Healthy clothes should have a good design to them that will inspire and make women want to be healthy. It does not have to be a regular design with words on it.

Talos Energy Joins Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil in Drilling the First Privately-run Offshore Exploration Well

Mexico’s latest effort to allow abroad competitors back into the country’s energy markets finally paid off, as one private company recently managed to sink an offshore oil well in her waters. This incredible feat came after nearly 80 years and more information click here.

The sinking of the oil well was thanks to the partnership of Houston-based Talos Energy LLC, London-based Premier Oil Plc, and Mexico-based Sierra Oil & Gas. According to Premier Oil, the well marks the first offshore exploration well to be sunk by another party other than the state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos, especially since Mexico nationalized its oil industry back in 1938. The company also revealed that the well, Zama-1, located in the Sureste Basin outside the state of Tabasco, holds approximately 100-500 million barrels of crude.

In a statement, Premier Oil unveiled that the drilling process would take a maximum of 90 days to complete, which would cost the company about $16 million. Sierra, Premier, and Talos Energy own 40%, 25%, and 35% stake in th entire venture and what Talos Energy knows.


About Talos Energy

Talos Energy prides itself on being an independent gas and oil company that is spearheaded by an experienced management team. The team boasts decades of experience in offshore production and exploration. The company’s management team is behind the building and selling of Talos Energy’s private equity supported companies like Gryphon Exploration and Phoenix Exploration. Since its inception on January 1, 2012, Talos Energy has grown into a leading expert when it comes to acquiring developed deepwater and operated shelf assets located in the Gulf of Mexico. It has also created a name for itself in exploiting, exploring and optimizing the assets through cutting-edge and innovative seismic technologies and Talos on Facebook.

Talos Energy came about through a partnership between Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management aimed at purchasing assets in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast regions. The company deals with business development activities including farm-ins and JVs. In this case, Talos utilizes its 10.2 million acres of seismic inventory in optimizing the economics related to a transaction. Based on its solid foundation, the company intends to rapidly grow a world-class company that is committed to environmentally safe compliant operations and Talos Energy’s lacrosse camp.

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Tempus Received $70 Million in Funding, Helping Eric Lefkofsky Move Forward with his Goal of Data Driven Cancer Treatment Plans

Tempus is one of those rare companies that you just want to stand back and literally watch them change the face of healthcare. While many companies, especially startups in the healthcare industry, seem to come and go, big things are on the horizon for Tempus. The startup is seeking to help physicians develop better crafted and more customized cancer treatments utilizing a streamlined operations system that houses genome and clinical data. Sounds like a mouthful, huh?

Genomic data is unique to each person and is highly valuable when creating a cancer treatment plan. The cost of gathering genomic data has dropped significantly in past years and Tempus wants to pivot off of that fact to gather genomic data from as many cancer patients as possible and then house them into one system. This system would be digitized and every patient with cancer would then benefit from the data that has been collected. Physicians could develop more customized treatments and would have instant access to that world of data and more information click here.

Data is key to Tempus. The company focuses on the collection and use of data in helping physicians provide cancer treatments.

It’s no surprise that this company was founded by Eric Lefkofsky. He is a jack of all trades when it comes to developing and funding companies in the tech sector that succeed thanks to the power of data. His past business ventures include founding Groupon and Uptake Technologies (valued at $2 billion and rising) and learn more about Eric.

Lefkofsky is a spirited entrepreneur and is known for taking the side of disruptive companies and ideas to help use technology to solve current issues. He is a creator of many startups that have gone on to become household names and “innovative” is the word best used to describe him and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Tempus is not just a vision for changing the face of cancer treatment, it is coming to full fruition. Recent partnerships with the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic are making Lefkofsky’s vision a reality and allowing Tempus to work on collecting data.

The company recently announced that it has raised an additional $70 million dollars in its Series C funding round, bringing total funding to $130 million and forging these partnerships ahead and

Executive Lori Senecal Is An Example Of Why Creativity Matters In Business

There are many skills that are needed to succeed in the world of business. A capable business person must know how to build and maintain relationships, they must be aware of how to develop and implement strategies that can drive change on a day to day level and in a big picture sense. But now more than ever business people must be able to deploy creativity in a way that will benefit their business.

Some people might wonder why creativity would be considered a must-have business skill when there are other more technical skills that impact a business’ performance in its respective sector such as financial management or specific domain expertise. While hard skills like these are very important for any business to have some business executives and professionals might find that being creative can be just as useful in their careers and to their companies. According to a survey that was conducted by IBM chief executive officers from a wide range of countries selected creativity as the quality that they believed would have the most impact on how their companies performed in the future. According to CKGSB Knowledge a professor from New York University’s business school noted that being creative was an “important leadership quality.” It is clear that creativity has an important role to play in the world of business. Check out Forbes to know more.

There are few chief executive officers who value the role that being creative has to play in building a successful business more than Lori Senecal. Lori Senecal was named to the position of global CEO of the advertising company CP + B in 2015. Lori Senecal recently received the honor of being counted among the “most creative people in business” by a magazine known as Fast Company. The annual list of Most Creative People that is compiled by Fast Company is meant to celebrate the innovative business people and creatives that are working across a number fields and who are in a variety of professions. Lori Senecal received the honor because of the stellar record of work that Lori has been doing at CP +B as a senior executive that is responsible for managing the firm’s international business endeavors. Follow her on Twitter

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