Julia Jackson Hopes To Bring More Role Models To Little Girls And Women

There is a lot that goes into success. Among the aspects of success that people have to think about is how they come across to others that are similar to them. In other words, they have to think about the example they are setting to others. For one thing, it is important for some people to make sure that they are presenting a careful example to others as role models. While certain groups of people have tons of role models, there are groups of people that are in need of role models.

One group of people that Julia Jackson feels needs more role models are little girls and women. She sees that there are not enough role models for women and little girls to look up to. Therefore, she is trying to be a role model and present women the example that she wants them to follow. At the same time, she has founded the nonprofit Cambria Seeds of Empowerment for women who have overcome all of their struggles and have made a successful career for themselves. This can help women and children of all walks of life because it reminds them that they are capable of making their dreams happen.

Julia wants to bring forth values such as work and appreciation to people. For one thing, when she is asked about how she has made it as far as she has gone, among the things she will say that has helped is building a good work ethic. This is a lot different from the messages that tend to come in from social justice warriors about all of the things that people are entitled to. Julia Jackson has learned that she does not have time to be entitled. She instead takes the time to do the work that she enjoys and bring good wine to people. Visit sfluxe.net to know more about Julia.

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