The American Institute of Architects Chooses the Technology Way

Technology has changed every industry in the recent years and improved the efficiency in total with better connectivity, bringing new products or solutions, improved customer experience, and more. When it comes to architecture industry, it is no different, and the advancement of technology has helped the industry to come up with cutting-edge solutions that can impress the customers with quality, efficiency, and economical value. The American Institute of Architects, the collaboration of American architects, also chosen the technology way to improve the solution offering standards and reach out to its mass audience across the globe. It started sponsoring hackathon as it feels that the concept accurately fits the needs of the architects in the country.

The current Chief Executive Officer of the association of architects, Robert Ivy, confirmed that the design community and the architects were extremely happy with the contests of the hackathon and the outcome of comparative discrimination as it is part of the architects’ profession to compete. He observed that hackathons get increased attention and found to be continuously growing and bringing more to the tech community to work on the solution. Robert Ivy also said that the AIA has an opinion of hackathons as a tool to engage designers, engineers, and architects to create measurable and meaningful ideas economically. He also added that the conceptualization of hackathon had garnered excellent appreciation from designers and architects around the world.

Another excellent technology option is apps, and there are successful apps that count the calorie consumption of a person. Robert Ivy thinks that the people can incorporate the apps model of these healthcare apps or other popular apps. He adds that the use of technology would help the public to connect with architecture. While the general public is less interested in conversing with architects, Ivy thinks that apps would improve the interaction between both sides, and that would reflect in the service delivery and the extent of diverse ideas. He observes that the technology innovation has helped the architects to collaborate things that are out of its ecosystem, which is a new phenomenon. Ivy opined that the concept of architecture as a distinctive field is fading in the recent years. See more at HUFFPOST about Robert Ivy

Currently, the team management skill is one of the most needed skills for the architecture profession. Robert Ivy says that successful architects should be managing huge teams that include experts from every discipline. Interestingly, it is a time of architecture that needs proof for the impacts with the buildings. Earlier majority of the architecture studies were focused on the lighting factor. Ivy says that the industry needs more critical and sustained efforts over a period that produces excellent results. He thinks that this would help the architects to renovate the areas where the well-being or productivity is less provided.

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A Clear Voice From The Consumption Of Securus Technology

The Number-One Agency Offering Phone Services To Private Citizens


Being the number one in any industry is a major feat.


No business gets to the top level without first building a substantial structure at the bottom. The industry and trade that revolutionizes Securus Technologies is the same market it leverages as its greatest opportunity. There needs to be safety in the private industry.


This safety is often a matter of large agencies like Securus Technologies acting as the mediator to innovation and what the United States government can accomplish. Securus Technologies begins with offering communications services that have special features you’d only hear in a James Bond movie.



This Goes Beyond Simple Security


Security is easy if all you’re looking for are a few guns and some people willing to hold them. Securus Technology takes security a step further by expanding safety needs beyond what human intelligence can do alone. This results in a number different technology innovations that private sector agencies need.


Securus Technology has advanced its communications technology so far that simple voice recognition can ring alarm bells, signal administrative personnel or change an entire agency staff within a matter of minutes. Criminal activity must be monitored at all times and this includes communications.



Twenty-Four Hours And Around The Clock


Part of what enables the Securus Technologies firm to lead its industry is that it works around the clock. This agency has more than 2,600 facilities that it holds contracts with, and that requires a large infrastructure we only see with the American economy.


The 2,000-plus client facilities of Securus work with twice to three times as many people or human resources. Criminal activity is known for leveraging more opportunities for crime, and Securus Technology has developed the most advanced systems that protect the world against these hazards.


Eighty Percent Of Soros’ Wealth Now Goes to Charity

Eighty percent of the average American’s wealth couldn’t get them out of their own debt. This is a staggering statistic when you also calculate that this same percent of eighty, as net worth, is what George Soros recently gave to the Open Society Foundations.

That giving is also being widespread in the media and regarding how it affects George Soros as a billionaire. The common sentiment of philanthropy and giving is grounded at roughly ten percent of what you make a year.

George Soros gave 80 percent of his entire net worth but within the span of time it takes to complete one transfer, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.


What Seemed Liked The Blink Of An Eye

It happened faster than most professionals expected.

The recent donation of George Soros, to the Open Society Foundations, came to a complete total of $18 billion dollars. No one knows the substantiation of this amount except that it happened in the blink of an eye. George Soros is recognized as a figure who moves in speeds others find difficult to match.

His cunningness as a trader is known all over Wall Street and continues to stand today. The fast-paced mindset of George Soros and his trades are also recognized for being his greatest assets in gaining success.


Counting Numbers On Auto-Pilot And Making Billions

It takes a crafty man to outwit Wall Street, and the wisdom George acquired gave him the opportunity to earn over $32 billion in his lifetime.


You have to like, love, live and breathe numbers.

The hard part is not going insane in the process or not making others think that you have. There are many successful traders on Wall Street, and they deal with work that puts heavy stresses on them. The work is about numbers moving and being analyzed on auto-pilot, and read full article.

George Soros is among the major figures that we give this credit to. He’s managed to keep the numbers on auto-pilot and without ever losing track. The theory of George’s math is based on connectivity and the way world economies all behave on the productivity of their people. George Soros learned these things in order to make himself a billionaire.


Is This Even Work For George Soros?

The reality is that George Soros doesn’t have to work anymore.

He can dictate his life and then pick up projects as his heart desires. The past few years of Mr. Soros’ impact is based on his freedom. This freedom is based on the numbers he mastered to become the professional the world recognizes today, and his Twitter.

This process for George is a matter seeing how the actions an economy takes will affect the overall value of its currency. His work history shows a stunning ability for analysis and won’t end anytime soon.


Now That Everything’s Taken Care Of

There’s a theme in Mr. Soros’ life today, and it embodies a huge transition into a much calmer lifestyle. The investments held and managed throughout any period require attention and a basic awareness. This is what George has brought to his personal work every day but no longer has to, and

Civil, Human and Migrant Rights Advocacy Groups


In this day and age, human rights violations are supposed to be a thing of the past. However, some people are still going through various human rights violations including racism, gender discrimination, and even police brutality. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

In realization of this fact, many organizations have sprouted up in an effort to help educate, defend and protect these rights. The following are some of the eminent organizations that we came across.

The Advocates for Human Rights

Founded in the early 80s, The Advocates for Human Rights is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization in their own words aims at creating and sustaining lasting, inclusive and wide-ranging changes both locally and beyond borders.

All of their stakeholders work towards establishing international human rights standards in an effort of promoting civil societies while at the same time reinforcing the rule of law. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

For over 3 decades, their effective programming has helped change the lives of refugees, immigrants, women, children, ethnic and religious minorities and other marginalized communities all around world by investigating and exposing human rights violations, representing immigrants and refugees seeking asylum, and also training and assisting groups that protect human rights, engage the public, policy-makers to push for legal and sound policy reforms.

The American Civil Liberties Union

Founded in 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union has been heavily involved in the protection of civil liberties and freedoms in the United States by working with various institutions such as the courts, the legislatures, and communities at large in a conscious and deliberate effort of defending and preserving the individual rights and liberties that are guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

For close to a century, the nonprofit and nonpartisan organization has been advocating for various noble causes including fighting for the rights of LGBT people in order to realize full equality, establishing effective privacy policies to protect citizens from pervasive government surveillance and even preserving universal suffrage principles that guarantee everybody the right to vote.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was established to help civil, human and migrant rights groups throughout the state of Arizona. Lacey and Larkin sued the County for a violation of their First Amendment Rights by the Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio.

They ultimately prevailed in the United States Court of Appeals and the court awarded them a $3.75 million settlement, monies they used to set up the fund.

Stream Energy, Thinking Of Ways To Save You Money!

Stream Energy is an energy provider. They also provide services for wireless, protective, and home services. Stream Energy is located in Dallas, Texas. Stream was founded in 2004. Since opening, the company has grown significantly; they currently sell products in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington.

Stream is a cool company because they use multi-level marketing to sell their services. In 2014, the company started using the multi-level marketing system. Many employees enjoy this system because it allows them to benefit from earning commission by selling the company’s products. Employees earn commission after they’ve recruited new employees to join the team or after they’ve actually sold a product for the company. To encourage sales associates, the company holds meeting frequently to support employees and keep them motivated. Employees who sale for the company are also required to have their own web pages to promote the company. Read more about Stream Energy at Crunchbase.

If you’re interested in joining Stream Energy’s team, here are some average pay rates for sales associates. Employees can receive up to $3 per month for each customer that is recruited. Stream does require sale associates to pay a $300 start up fee and $25 per month to maintain their personal company’s website. Sales associates who have remained loyal to the company and have great sale ranking will receive generous bonuses from the company. Watch this video on

Recently, Stream Energy gave helpful tips on how many people can save on their energy bills. The company recommends to plug all cords up into one power strip. This saves energy significantly, since on one cord will actually be plugged up to one outlet. The company also recommend customers to shut down every thing when you leave home. You should also shut all things down when you are not using them. Keeping you gadgets plugged in when you’re not using them could cost you up to $130 more annually. This trick can also be used for microwaves, coffee makers, printers, and many other gadgets around the house, not just entertainment electronics. Overall, Stream Energy is a great company rather you’re an employee or customer of theirs, they’re great!


Shafik Sachedina: Kindness Beyond Voluntary Service

Dr. Sachedina, an alumnus of the University of London, became a dental surgeon in 1975. He presently serves as the joint chairman of the board of the Sussex Healthcare center where he also doubles up as the owner of this social care organization that provides a haven for the elderly.

Shafik Sachedina has practiced in the health sector in England since graduating from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. His long career has included stints at the Horshman Clinic Limited and Imara U.K. Limited where he served as a director. He was appointed the director of Imara U.K. Limited in 1992.

Dr. Sachedina held this position for five years after which he resigned. He has also served in the Institute of Ismaili Studies as well as Islamic Publications Limited. Voluntary posts have also been a big part of Dr. Sachedina’s life. Voluntary service is also an essential part of his community’s way of life as. For instance, he was the President of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom. He was at the helm for two consecutive terms owing to his achievements.

At the moment, Dr. Sachedina holds the position of the Head of Department of Jamati Institutions on a voluntary basis. He is responsible for coordinating what goes on in the other Ismaili community’s institutions. Dr. Shafik has become a notable entrepreneur after being in the health sector for more than forty years. He has also been appointed to lead numerous businesses which have a combined net worth of £ 1.7 million at this time.

He is involved in the running of a total of four companies. His time at the Islamic Publications Limited, for twenty-two years, is the longest he has been at any institution since the British national began working. Dr. Sachedina who was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is a member of different committees of the Ismaili community where he serves following appointment by the Imam. He is a member of notable organizations such as Ismaili Leader’s International Forum and the Aga Khan Development Network. Besides, he serves as the Chairman of the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-coordinating Committee. Indeed, Dr. Sachedina is an example of diligent service to the community.

American Institute Of Architects Executive VP And CEO Describes The Future Of Architecture

Robert IVY currently serves as the CEO and executive VP of the American Institute of Architects. He is based in Washington D.C. and previously worked as an editor in chief of Architectural Record. Mr. Ivy helped transform this journal into one of the most widely read professional architectural publications.

Smartplanet reporter, Sun Joo Kim asked Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architects if architects were now looking at design and materials as a way of improving occupant health in their profession. Mr. Ivy said that architects have long had a goal of encouraging health, safety and welfare in their structures. However, Robert Ivy says that many architects are now looking at planning, design and materials in a different light when it comes to public health and well-being.

Robert Ivy also highlighted the fact that there is a trend now to look beyond just public health effects or aesthetics. He says that there is now an integrated approach in architecture that looks to foster a greater sense of overall well-being. This is a good trend in his eyes. Not only should a building be safe and pleasant to live in, but it should also promote your health both physically, psychologically and even spiritually if possible. That is what he means by overall well-being.

Smartplanet then asked Robert Ivy from the American Institute of Architects about his organization’s recent sponsorship of hackathons. Robert Ivy says that hackathons are a great way to bring the entire community together to create solutions or software that can benefit all the stakeholders involved in a building project. He says that architects have no problems with such things, because they are competitive by nature in their profession. The hackathons are also a good way to bring new technology and ideas into architecture. This will only benefit the field and inject new ideas that can prove to be revolutionary in design planning, building and community outreach.

Sun Joo Kim asked of the trend of groups such as the American Institute of Architects beginning to work more and more closely and often with other professionals. He specifically inquired is this was the way architecture was heading. Robert Ivy said that architecture is indeed heading in that direction. He states that architects are no longer seen as the creative lone geniuses who design everything. Instead they are being viewed as master collaborators that supervise and work with a large and diverse team of professionals that range from builders, financiers, construction workers and managers. Read more about St. Andrew Youth:

Samuel Strauch Emphasizes Miami Real Estate Business As Usual

Highly successful real estate entrepreneur Samuel Strauch reaffirmed his confidence that the Miami market will quickly return to normal following recent Hurricane Irma.

The long time Miami resident and businessman called attention to how the city has spent years after the 1992 Hurricane Andrew growing stronger and better equipped to handle monster storms and more information click here.

For example, he pointed out Miami has reinforced and strengthened its infrastructure system and tackled plans for overflows, deluges, power outages and disaster cleanup.

Strauch also indicated Miami’s building codes are some of the most stringent in the country as they call for definitive reinforcement and strengthening of roofs and other structures to bear up against harsh wind loads and what Samuel knows.

He also stated with new construction features such as cinder-block masonry, hurricane straps and toughened solid concrete pillars became standard aspects.

According to Strauch, government agencies and private groups teamed up within hours after Hurricane Irma to get the city back to its everyday routine as quickly and effectively as possible and Samuel’s lacrosse camp.

One of the leading agents in the Miami area, Strauch and other industry leaders, signified the slowdown in the Miami real estate market may not be as severe as initially projected.

He revealed delays in closing dates have been postponed as both insurance and mortgage companies re-examine properties to check for any harm because of the storm and contact him.

Finance companies also want to revisit assessments and insurance companies need to make certain the conditions of the properties include all the relevant characteristics previous to Hurricane Irma.

Strauch emphasized that while it is unknown how much time it will take to come up with damage numbers, Miami will rebuild. He has put his clients at ease by pointing out business is on its normal course of activity with some fine-tuning for remaining storm damage.

Strauch completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Hofstra University and went on to complete his studies at Erasmus University and Harvard University.

He started his career in banking but joined his family’s real estate business in South Florida. In 2002 Strauch launched Metrik Real Estate which focuses on new developments, commercial and residential income producing properties, land and property rehabilitation.

Strauch, who is an active investor in other Internet and restaurant businesses, is an avid art and photography enthusiast and cyclist. He is a licensed real estate broker in South Florida and Latin America.

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Social Awareness of Fabletics with Breast Cancer

Amazon may be very involved in the fashion industry, but there is more to fashion than just selling clothes and wearing them. Fashion is all about expression. People are sending messages with what they wear. More people are becoming aware and deliberate about the messages they send with the clothes they wear. It is important to look at the social cues with the fashion choices. Another thing to look at is the brand of clothes that are being worn. Kate Hudson is willing to attract attention to her brand by taking on health issues such as breast cancer.


Among the people that Kate Hudson is supporting are women who do not have the money to be able to afford the treatment needed for breast cancer. Given that any type of cancer is going to become deadly if left to build for a while. This is one of the reasons that it is important to get tested and get treatment as soon as possible. The treatment options that are available could use improvement. This is one of the reasons that it is a good thing to gain awareness of the issue from companies such as Fabletics and their innovative ways of bringing forth products in their respective industries.


With Fabletics they have tons of items that have some creative and aesthetically pleasing designs. The best part is that the clothes are comfortable. They feel really good to wear. They also are reasonably priced. For fashion that helps people feel better about themselves, this is one of the most important aspects. Of course people will like it if the clothes look good as well. Wearing clothes that look and feel good will go a long way to the improvement of self image for women that are struggling with it.


One of the most important causes of Fabletics is health. This is one of the reasons that they are putting all of their design efforts into health related clothing. Healthy clothes should have a good design to them that will inspire and make women want to be healthy. It does not have to be a regular design with words on it.

Talos Energy Joins Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil in Drilling the First Privately-run Offshore Exploration Well

Mexico’s latest effort to allow abroad competitors back into the country’s energy markets finally paid off, as one private company recently managed to sink an offshore oil well in her waters. This incredible feat came after nearly 80 years and more information click here.

The sinking of the oil well was thanks to the partnership of Houston-based Talos Energy LLC, London-based Premier Oil Plc, and Mexico-based Sierra Oil & Gas. According to Premier Oil, the well marks the first offshore exploration well to be sunk by another party other than the state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos, especially since Mexico nationalized its oil industry back in 1938. The company also revealed that the well, Zama-1, located in the Sureste Basin outside the state of Tabasco, holds approximately 100-500 million barrels of crude.

In a statement, Premier Oil unveiled that the drilling process would take a maximum of 90 days to complete, which would cost the company about $16 million. Sierra, Premier, and Talos Energy own 40%, 25%, and 35% stake in th entire venture and what Talos Energy knows.


About Talos Energy

Talos Energy prides itself on being an independent gas and oil company that is spearheaded by an experienced management team. The team boasts decades of experience in offshore production and exploration. The company’s management team is behind the building and selling of Talos Energy’s private equity supported companies like Gryphon Exploration and Phoenix Exploration. Since its inception on January 1, 2012, Talos Energy has grown into a leading expert when it comes to acquiring developed deepwater and operated shelf assets located in the Gulf of Mexico. It has also created a name for itself in exploiting, exploring and optimizing the assets through cutting-edge and innovative seismic technologies and Talos on Facebook.

Talos Energy came about through a partnership between Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management aimed at purchasing assets in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast regions. The company deals with business development activities including farm-ins and JVs. In this case, Talos utilizes its 10.2 million acres of seismic inventory in optimizing the economics related to a transaction. Based on its solid foundation, the company intends to rapidly grow a world-class company that is committed to environmentally safe compliant operations and Talos Energy’s lacrosse camp.

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